1. R

    Help with Probabilistic Modeling with many elements in simulation with unknown probs.

    I'm wanting to create a probabilistic model based on several simulations, where I have a binary outcome (go or no-go) and a variable input. The old way of formulating the proability distribution was a straight-forward, curve-fitting of the input variable versus the "go or no-go" outcomes...
  2. C

    Congruential Generators.

    Find all of the cycles of the following congruential generators. For each cycle identify which seeds X_0 lead to that cycle. (a). X_{n+1} = 9X_n + 3\mod 11 (b). X_{n+1} = 8X_n + 3\mod 11 (c). X_{n+1} = 8X_n + 2\mod 12 How can i choose the seed,X_0, at random ? ###When will i stop to...
  3. B

    Simulating correlated lifetimes at pre-specified correlation level

    I am trying to simulate remission times for 100 patients from an exponential distribution with mean 1 year. I also want to simulate after-remission times for these 100 patients. But it is very much likely in the real life scenario that those who remit quickly are likely to have comparatively...
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    Simulation of remission and after remission times under specific conditions

    This is basically a data generation problem. Say, t is an exponential lifetime with mean two years. tr is the remission time and ts is the after remission time. So, t=tr+ts. I need to simulate these quantities for 100 patients. Now in real life, usually when tr is smaller, that is when the...
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    Introduction to simulation with sas

    Does anyone know any tutorial links for introduction to simulation with sas?