simulation study

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    How is simulation used to check differences of regression techniques.

    I was reading a paper on Bootstrapping with models for count data. (Page 1170) or On the paper the author uses the conventional MLE to fit Poisson...
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    How to generate many load profiles of EV superchargers in R

    Hi guys :wave:, I make balance simulation of load profile electric vehicle chargers in R. I use CHADEMO (45 kW). I need to genarate a lot of profiles. I can make one profile, but it is not convenient. See example: Chademo1=numeric(1440) ### minute time axis a day for...
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    Calculating Non-Coverage Probability .

    Hi , I have a two-level model with one explanatory variable (X) on the respondent level, and one group-level explanatory variable (Z) . I am following this paper I am simulating data from the model . Three conditions are varied in the simulation...
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    Experimental Design Assignment

    I have an assignment that I can't solve in/with R I don't give the whole problem statement, but only the details that are of concern The objective of the study is to assess the ecacy of X (as compared to the reference treatment with SCALA). In this study 24 hills with grapevines are at...
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    Simulating correlated lifetimes at pre-specified correlation level

    I am trying to simulate remission times for 100 patients from an exponential distribution with mean 1 year. I also want to simulate after-remission times for these 100 patients. But it is very much likely in the real life scenario that those who remit quickly are likely to have comparatively...
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    Simulation of remission and after remission times under specific conditions

    This is basically a data generation problem. Say, t is an exponential lifetime with mean two years. tr is the remission time and ts is the after remission time. So, t=tr+ts. I need to simulate these quantities for 100 patients. Now in real life, usually when tr is smaller, that is when the...
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    repeat random sample from existing data

    Hi everyone, I'm a novice with stata and am trying to figure out how to draw 2 sets of random samples from existing data 1000 times for a kind of quasi-simulation. The first set would just be a simple randomization; the second set has to be block-randomized. How do I do this?
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    Power curve of distribution with 2 parameters

    Hello. I want to obtain a power curve for goodness of fit test of a distribution with 2 parameters, let say A & B. My test is actually about parameter B. And say mean=A*B. So, I'm curious of how should i generated the sample to get the power? Should i generate samples with all the same mean...