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    On determining Alpha and Beta from a gamma distribution upon simulating a sample

    Hey guys, hope someone will be able to help me. What I want to do: determine the empirical values for alpha and beta from a simulated sample from a gamma(alpha,beta) distribution. Say it looks something like this: proc iml; alpha=10; beta=5; sumofvaluepower1 = 0; sumofvaluepower2 =...
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    Generate Data for Correlated Continuous and Discrete variables

    Hi I was wondering if anybody could suggest an appropriate approach for the following... I have one independent variable, X, which takes the values 0, 12.5, 25. I have two dependent variables, 1 normal and 1 binary. The mean of the normal variable depends on a function of a value of X...
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    Simulation in R to find if a sample is staistically different

    Hi, I am having trouble understanding how to approach a simulation: I have a sample of n=250 from a population of N=2,000 individuals, and I would like to test whether this particular sample has a value Y which is significantly different from the values of any other random samples of the same...