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    Basic Sample Sizing Question

    Hi all, I haven't done any stats for a long time, I am looking to incorporate some stats into my Ops Risk role to get a little edge. I think I am on the right track with this first little attempt but just wanted to run it by the forum for any feedback. So at work, we are starting a new...
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    need formula can youn help?

    find minimum sample size P(s2/sigma2 <1.75) >.95
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    Statistics- Sample proportion?

    According to a 2010 report, 85 % of women in NA shop online. 1) Describe the population of interest 2) Describe the population proportion of interest in words. What value are we assuming for this proportion? 3)Determine the sampling distribution for the sample proportion of NA women who...
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    confused about the class interval

    hey, first of all - im from germany, sry if my english is not perfect :) ive got a problem with the class intervals... a little example: A set of data consists of 230 observations between $235 and $567. What class interval would you recommend? So i would refer to the “2 to the k...