1. Luane

    Sound propagation modeling (with lme, unequal sample size, and "drop out" problems?)

    I conducted a sound propagation experiment in which 20 different recorded roar-barks (the long distance vocalization of maned wolves) were played back at different sites(x3), hours(x6: 17h,18h,23h,05h,06h,11h), and with different speaker position (x2: straight forward and inclined upward 45o)...
  2. C

    Analysis Images - Text/Sentiment Analysis and Sound/Sonar Analysis

    I created an image page from two analysis papers I wrote for my free, bi-monthly magazine. One analysis uses R to analyze a sound clip of a snap in a small room. The analysis was able to map the dimensions of the room. The image itself is documented...
  3. A

    reliable results?

    Hi, my name is Dave. I am a recent graduate trying to pass a licensing-exam with the state of California. I think I passed the test (my score=73%), but they use a criterion-referencing method where results are compared to a criterion (their passing score= 75%) rather than to the mean. The idea...