split data file

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    Which test should I use for a within-design with only one measuring point/time?

    Hi, I will lay out the experiment I am analyzing shorty and a little bit simplified: Participants were asked to debate a topic with an experimenter. The participant's debating strategies were observed and scored. For example, every participant obtained a score for "negative strategies" (NS)...
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    Split file with 65 variables, 24 cases and 12 raters, into 65 separate files

    Hello everybody, I have a question regarding splitting a file in SPSS. I have a large datafile which I would like to use for Fleiss Kappa analysis. There are 12 raters which judged 24 cases for 65 characteristics. I would like to split the large file into 65 separate files, because I...
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    Interpreting correlation split file data

    Hello, I ran a split file correlation with the race as a group. I am not sure how to interpret a section of this chart, particularly the last section which is labeled "9.00." Is that a summary? What does that mean? Thank you,
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    Need help interpreting Standard Error and Standard Deviation

    Hello, In another post on SPSS forum I discussed Order effects where I split file on SPSS by order and conducted an independent t test looking at the effects of group on the DV. I found that the original result was only evident in order 1 and not order 2... however on the second order one...
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    SPSS Survival analysis - Should I split data file by groups or use covariates instead

    Hello! I have to assess different factors affecting the survival after transplantation. Can you advise me which is better (or more correct)? - to split the data file by groups (for example type of disease - malignant or non-malignant) and analyze the effect of other factor/s (e.g. HLA...