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    How can I split the mean (e.g. split the mean by gender) in SPSS?

    I am completely new to SPSS and I have to split the mean by one variable or even by two variables ("produce a single table showing the mean of the symptom severity checklist score before and after treatment, split by anxiety disorder and by patient gender") This is just the example I have been...
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    Spss - split file option

    Hi guys, so I have been using SPSS and i'm very confused. I have made a variable as a split file. Then i wanted to create a chart. When i create the chart, the output file gives me various (like over 10 graphs) separating the variable into groups making different graphs for each group. I was...
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    Split file regression, or Fixed effects Mixed model

    Within a dataset that has a few variables explaining dependent variable A, and influences vary over different categories, it can be obvious to split the file in these categories and run a regression. However, there is also the possibility of running mixed models with fixed factors. What would...