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    How can I split the mean (e.g. split the mean by gender) in SPSS?

    I am completely new to SPSS and I have to split the mean by one variable or even by two variables ("produce a single table showing the mean of the symptom severity checklist score before and after treatment, split by anxiety disorder and by patient gender") This is just the example I have been...
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    how to split and cut (big data)

    Hello, I have table: 3 cols and over 300k rows. Col1 - ID (numeric id, ex: 123456) Col2 - Numb (numeric from 1 to 25, ex: 1) Col3 - Yes/no (0 or 1) I have 443 unique IDs. Each ID has more than 400 rows, almost of all have different numbers of rows. How to split initial table to table in this...
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    Multidimensional Scaling - Can I split the comparisons between respondents?

    Good evening, For my master thesis I am conducting research in which I want to make decompositional comparisons for Multidimensional Scaling with the following objects: o Rotary o Lions o Unicef o Oxfam o Amnesty International o Salvation Army o Rode Kruis o Food bank o War Child...
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    splitting rows in stata

    I am very new to stata and I am struggling how to split a row into multiple rows I have the following structure in my table: id v0pd20 v1pd20 v2pd20 v3pd20 v4pd20 v5pd20 v6pd20 v7pd20 How do I create a new table with the following structure based on the above id v0pd20 v1pd20...
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    Splitting a matrix

    Hi, I have a matrix x with 97 rows and used the function sample like this : rownumbers=sample(1:97,size=70) data1=x[rownumbers,] I'm having trouble to get the rows which are not inside data1 into another matrix. Does anyone have an idea? greets, Taibo