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    Mixed ANCOVA SPSS Interpretation

    Hi ! Before I ask my query I need to explain some basic details with respect to my study. Design: I have a mixed factorial design 2X2x2 with two within subject factors (having 2 levels in each factors) and 2 between subject factors. I ran two analysis: Analysis1: Mixed factorial ANOVA and...
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    How duplicate each row as many times as is given in a variable (SPSS V23)?

    Hello. I'm only start to use SPSS V23. Help me, please. How I can do it?
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    SPSS Correlation of single variable and independent variables

    Hello, I am working in spss 23 and I'm stuck. I have data for which I am attempting to determine if certain color of a personality (there are 4 values) have a significant correlation with how respondents answered to 12 leadership styles. I have entered my data into SPSS...I just cannot remember...
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    SPSS Output

    Hello, I'm having trouble trying to get rid of something that has come up in my output, underneath intercept. I'm not sure what I entered to get it there. I have attached a picture of the outputs with/without.
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    Correcting for repeated testing with 4 mediation analyses?

    Hi guys, First time poster here, sorry if I post this at the wrong spot or something like that. For my thesis if have the following 4 hypotheses: 1. Emotion regulation (partially) mediates the relationship between cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and social anxiety severity. 2...
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    Analysing proportional data?

    Hi! I'm a masters psychology student needing a little help with a dataset I'm analysing :shakehead Dataset: My data has a within-subjects factor of time (i.e. first session vs last session) and a between-subjects factor of group (training vs control). One of my repeated measures DVs looks...
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    Trouble with creating boxplots

    Hello everyone! I want to visually inspect whether I have a similarly shaped distribution in a question having a scale dependent variable and a 3-group categorical (nominal) independent variable. For that reason, I am trying to create a boxplot on spss v.23 but I am presented with the graph...
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    associations and correlation VS Group differences

    Hello to all Talk Stats members! I would really appreciate your help on an issue that's really troubling me... In a previous post of mine I talked about the following likert type question I have in my questionnaire; "How would you evaluate new technologies in your life?" (1: entirely negative...
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    How to do a bonferroni correction after Kruskal Wallis H

    Hello everyone! My knowledge in statistics being very poor, I would like to ask for your valuable help! Wanting to check any differences between the anwers given in a 5-point likert type question measuring attitudes towards new technologies and the years of service of teachers (0-5 / 6-10 /...
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    Which test to use except x2 for nominal variables

    Dear TalkStatsers, I've been puzzling my head all weekend as to what statistical test I should use for the following question; "Who do you think is better in Mathematics?" A. Male students B. Female students C. There is no differentiation according to gender I started by using a x2...
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    Doing Parametric Tests without normal distribution

    Hello everyone! Is it true that when your sample is more than 30 people, you can do parametric tests, even though your sample may not follow the normal distribution? In my research I have 400 people as a sample, not following normal distribution and someone told me that I can do parametric...
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    Error: (2067) The Excel file is password protected. Unable to open the file.

    Hello everybody, For my study I have to use SPSS. I used an online survey tool where I had the opportunity to download the result in an Excel file. Thereafter I tried to open the file in SPSS. However, it keeps showing the error 'Error: (2067) The Excel file is password protected. Unable to...
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    Cannot find univariate in SPSS 23

    I am trying to do an univariate analysis in SPSS. SO I click Analyze—General Linear Model--, However, I can only find the multivariate , and cannot find the univariate. Can anyone give me some tips ?
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    SPSS Scatterplot: How to combine/subsume values under just one label, e.g. ">200"

    Hi there, I've got this massive problem with my scatterplot on spss. I've drawn time (hours) on the x-axis versus laboratory sampling measures on the y-axis. I have very few time values exceeding 200 hours, so I'd like to subsume them under e.g. ">200", so that my scatterplot doesn't get...
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    SPSS v. 23 testing

    We have rolled out the latest version of IBM SPSS Base that is version 23 as a remote desktop service and would like to hear about your user experience - especially accessing the software from MAC, iOS or Android. 30day free trial available for testing at...
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    SPSS 23 Linear Mixed Models -- Why is the Bootstrapping feature grayed out?

    Using SPSS 23 to run linear mixed models. I've set up perfectly good models that run beautifully, but I want bootstrapped estimates and the button for that is grayed out. What is wrong with this program?!?!
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    Graph Issues

    I have also posted in the SPSS forum as I am currently using R 3.2.1 and SPSS 23 along with R Essentials. I have not had a problem getting the programs to communicate however when I run R in SPSS I see a generated plot for a short time but it disappears immediately. There is no way to view the...
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    R phantom plots in SPSS

    I am currently using R 3.2.1 and SPSS 23 along with R Essentials. I have not had a problem getting the programs to communicate however when I run R in SPSS I see a generated plot for a short time but it disappears immediately. There is no way to view the graphics but the output is reported. How...
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    R essentials for SPSS

    Hey guys. So I've been working with STATA for a long time and I need to show some things in SPSS since I teach a course on specific statistical methods in a university where SPSS is the main program. I need to teach propensity score matching and 2-step regression (Heckman) but I see that...