spss 24

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    Cutting score for linear discriminant analysis

    I did an LDA with the dependent variable which was categorized into 3 groups. but i don't know how to calculate the cutting score. Does anyone know how to do it?
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    Data help!

    I am struggling to work out how I should analyse my data. My current thinking is that a chi squared test of independence will work, however only if the data I have can be set out in the correct format. I am testing 2 IV's that are varied within each trial randomly, where each trial has a cue IV...
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    Comparison of 2 groups on SPSS

    Hi, I have 2 separate patients data sets, one from patients with a severe disease and another from a group of patients with a milder disease. The same variables were measured for both data set. What SPSS analysis method can I use to analyze the impact of one variable on both datasets. I am...
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    Adding information in a table

    Hi, I am collecting the details of family members , and the education details of my research participants in the format below. How do I enter this data into SPSS? Family constellation: Education details: