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    3 X 2 X 2 mixed design

    Hi all, First time posting. I am having trouble 1) figuring out spss output for and 2) interpreting findings for a study I conducted with a 3 (rm) X 2 X 2 design (note that I did not intend such a complicated design but a reviewer wants me to include participant sex as a variable. I can...
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    Missing Information in Regression Analysis Output using Multiple Imputation

    I recently conducted a hierarchical regression analysis testing for a moderation effect in SPSS 22 using multiple imputed data and I’m not sure how to best report from “pooled data” with some information missing. Specifically, when you run a regression, the output does not provide R, R square...
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    can not figure out simple question, please help

    hi everyone! I have the following question: while running univariate GLM, I have encountered the situation when mean differences between groups are the same, but in one test they reach statistical significance, whereas in other not. Probably the reason is that in one case std. deviations are...
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    Reporting Degrees of Freedom from SPSS output

    Hello there Is there a simple rule to follow, in order to know which of the numbers in the df column to report on, when looking for the df? I have looked in my two textbooks and online, but it is not clear to me. Help appreciated. Thank you Boon
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    Mixed ANOVA: p-Value of within factor increases by adding a between factor...?

    Hello, I thought I'm good in math and statistics but this one is giving me a real headache...hope one of the pros here can explain/solve it... I ran a mixed ANOVA with one within and one between factor, both variables have 2 outcomes - pretty easy. Accidentally when I first did it, I...
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    Question about using ANCOVA and reporting in a paper

    Hi All, I have a 3 (gait speed) x 8 (trials) within subjects experimental design and have submitted the manuscript to a journal. I was given revisions to do on it and re-submitted and have received revisions again hence my question... I have 14 subjects that walked for 35 minutes on a...
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    Need Help interpreting SPSS results- is level of effect significant?

    In my design, I have 3 binary items for each condition (4 conditions total) meant to measure the same thing. All participants were in all conditions (repeated measures, 12 scores each). I made a composite score for each participants for each condition (yes, I know, not advisable but this is...
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    How to interpret 'Chance Performance' output in SPSS?

    Hi, I am trying to ascertain whether my participants performed better than chance on some tasks. I have the average score and the chance score for each task. In SPSS, i entered the chance score in the 'test value' box in the one-sample t-test dialogue box. I want to know how to...