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    syntax if variable includes more less specific string of text - search 4 some magic

    Hello folks!! I´m searching for a magical symbol I guess... The issue is following: I´m trying to assign certain string of text a specific value in new variable. Imagine a situation when I am searching that string of text in eg. people´s opinions on whatever and my task is to separate those...
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    SPSS Syntax with Bonferroni Correction for a Simple Effects Analysis

    My stats question for my research is: I am running a 2x2x2 mixed Anova, between 2 groups, and with repeated measures for Control-trial (CI versus II) and Distractor-type (PosF versus NegF) to evaluate main effects and interactions on Accuracy. The variables used for control-trial and...
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    Syntax to use Python for renaming variables

    Hello! I am working with a very large dataset and I plan to merge in more years of similar data; however, the data will be panel data so I need to rename the variables with a suffix. I have worked all day on writing script (even started renaming each individual variable but gave up at #409 out...
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    reading data in spss with decimal

    I can't read the following data in spss DATA LIST / fuel 1-4(F,2) type 5 22.3 1 23.4 2 27.8 1 END DATA. LIST.
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    SPSS: command for decimal

    The following codes are not including the decimal places: DATA LIST / ID 1 AGE 2-3 SEX 4(A) GPA 5-8. BEGIN DATA 117M5 216F5 317F4.75 418M5 519M4.5 END DATA. LIST.
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    Condtional If statement using a date field

    I am trying to code a new variable that uses a date field so that if entries have a date greater than x, they get a 1 and less than that date they get a 0. I am doing this under Transform/Compute I have tried to create an if statement where it equals: if date_var >= 11/07/2012 then...
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    Question about contrasts and covariate in cross-design paradigm

    Hello everyone, I need some expert advise for the following stats question. I am evaluating data for a psychological learning experiment with a cross-design. Two groups of participants (A and B) are exposed to either stimulus set A or B and subsequently tested with stimuli from the joint...
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    Create multiple cases through syntax

    Hi! I need to create a set of data in SPSS containing two variables: HOUSEHOLD NUMBER (1000 households, but the numbers of the households are not from 1 to 1000) and MONTH (12 months for 5 years). For each month for each household there should be a separate case, 60 cases per household in...
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    Following up a 3-way interaction in a mixed ANOVA using LMATRIX and MMATRIX in SPSS

    Hi everybody, I have conducted a memory study, where participants were either exposed to a stress task or a non-stressful control task in either an immediate or a delayed condition and then had to recall three different types of items. So I have a mixed design with one within-subjects factor...
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    Missing Data Analysis Question

    Hi gurus, I really appreciate some advise on handling missing values. Briefly, subjects rated 21 objects (obj 1 ...obj 21) on 14 attributes (attr1...attr14). Given the size of the questionnaire (21*14), we split the questionnaire into two parts: N1 (about 150) subjects rated Obj1..Obj11...
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    SPSS syntax - ANOVA simple effects analyses

    I have conducted several ANOVAs over the course of my research but I do not know how to write the script to perform simple effects analyses on the significant interactions. One example is: "A 2x3 mixed-model ANOVA was performed with stimulus type (most versus least-selected) as the within-...