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    Seems so simple but I cannot figure it out -> combine 3 variables into one

    Please keep in mind I know little of stats and how to use SPSS. I would really appreciate some help. I have several questions that ask about liking fruit. for example: q1=do you like apples?, q2=do you like pears?, q3=do you like oranges? Each is a yes/no question and 0=no 1=yes I want...
  2. M

    Variation in significance Categorical Regression Analysis (CATREG)

    Hello, I am doing Categorical Regression Analysis (CATREG) with SPSS. However, every time i run the analysis, the standard error and p-value vary slightly, although all the variables both DV and IV remain same. This makes some IV's significant sometimes (<0.05), and sometimes insignificant...
  3. Q

    Mixed Model Analysis SPSS

    Hello All, I have a data set which I am trying to find out what is the best way to go about analyzing. I have been asking around and was advised that mixed model is the best way to go. Basically, this is a brief explaination of my data set. I am trying to see the efficacy of Drug X on tumor...
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    What statistical test enables me to test my hypothesis?

    Hi all, I really really need some help.. For my thesis, I examine the following research question and hypothesis: RQ: Has the use of Twitter been successful in creating public engagement in the Iran nuclear deal? H1: Multimedia tweets are more likely to create public engagement in...
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    SPSS Complex Samples Logistic Regression

    Hi all, I am hoping this is a simple question... I am using SPSS for complex samples and in my logistic regression output I do not have any p-values for the significance of my variables. Does anyone know where I can get the p-values in my output of logistic regression of complex...
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    Can i use the results from a PCA if the matrix is 'not positive definite'

    Hi, I have a 'not positive definite' correlation matrix having done a principal component analysis (PCA) on SPSS. The data i have used is from a questionnaire i did using a 7 point likert type scale. There were 36 questions (36 variables) i got 16 responses (n=16). The questionnaire was very...
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    Multiple response set - is it possible to combine dichotomy and category responses?

    Hi, I am analysing questionnaire data in SPSS and looking to create a multiple response set for a question I posed. However the question contains 5 set options and an 'other' option with the option to add text. I have made the set but it doesn't give the option to include the 'other'...
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    urgent spss anova help!!!!

    I have to enter data into spss that is already given to me the study description is bellow. i would like to know three things; 1 is this a one-way or two-way anova? 2. is it repeated or independent? 3. do i put gender in first column with values of male and female as independent and put...
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    What test do I use?

    I have done a study comparing double leg and single leg landing techniques, I want to look at the differences between knee flexion, angular vel, and GRF between the two conditions, what test should I use? I would appreciate any help at all!
  10. U

    How do i analyse interaction in 3x2 ANOVA in SPSS

    Hi, i've discovered a significant interaction in my 3x2 ANOVA in my psychology dissertation (3x2 Between Subjects Design, using SPSS). I was wondering which post-hoc analysis i should use to study this interaction. My tutor has provided us with example instructions, which involve splitting the...
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    Hypotheses Testing for Likert Scale data

    Hi In my study I have hypothesized the following: Top Management Support is a critical success factor on I.T. projects. Adequate Resourcing is a critical success factor on I.T. projects. Having a skilled team is a critical success factor on I.T. projects. Next I have asked these...
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    Cluster analysis with conjoint analysis data

    Hello everybody, My team and I have an assignment to run a conjoint analysis with SPSS. So far, we were able to make the orthogonal design to generate 16 cards and run a survey with respondents. Then, we were able to run the conjoint analysis in SPSS to get the Utility for each attribute...
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    Mediated regression (parallel): Opposing effects → how to interpret total effect?

    Hi everyone! In my student assistant job I had to to test a model of mediated regression, with various variables mediating the effect of A on B. I used the SPSS process tool. Considering that the mediating variables were conceptually related I tested the model with parallel mediation...
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    CASESTOVARS Command for repeated measures - Long-to-Wide Format

    Hey everybody, I have a question for a repeated measurement experiment. We investigate the effect of Attachment Style (IV) on Sexual Interest (DV) with 4 mood conditions (IV/Moderator), repeated 4 times for that. The IV is a questionnaire pack prior to the 4x sessions (Moderator & DV). The...
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    SPSS simultaneous equation models analysis with panel data

    Hi to everybody, I've just created four cross sectional models based on panel data with MIXED MODEL procedure. Now I'd like to made a simultaneous equation models analysis. Do you know how I can do it? Do I need AMOS? And if yes, does anyone know whether there is a specific tutorial...
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    K-Means Clustering Issues on SPSS

    Hi all, I've been cracking my brain on how to solve this SPSS issue. I've learned SPSS on my own, and don't have an extensive stats background, but I'm familiar with the basics. I've attached the SPSS clusters exported to excel files. Problem: I'm trying to create customer segmentation...
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    Which test should I run using SPSS ?

    Question: Which (in) accuracy is the waist circumference (LEO) of a grown man be predicted based on its fat (VETP)? Which (in) accuracy of the waist circumference (LEO) of a mature man can be predicted based on the total energy consumption (EAVT)? --> Perform these analyzes for both...
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    Using percentage for 2-way Anova

    Do I have to label my data as percentage in SPSS? I ran a two-way anova, and the p-value was 0.00 but when I did a bar graph, the difference was not significant at all.
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    How to assign new data to an existing clustering

    This is the situation. First, I performed factor analysis on 20 continuous variables, and reduced those to 10 factors using SPSS. Then, I did k-means cluster analysis and through trial & error came up with a 6 cluster solution. What I now need to accomplish is being able to predict which of...
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    [SPSS - T-Test] - understanding how to approach a question

    Hello, I have I inputted my data into SPSS. This is the question that I have been given: Compare the QABF attention(interval data)scores and demand(interval data) scores of people with a diagnosis of FXS and those with any diagnosis. Are people with FXS more likely to have lower...