1. S

    Adjusted OR

    How to find adjusted OR as given in Table 6 in spss? The procedure followed to get it like i found binary logistic regression is used to find crude OR using single indep. variable.
  2. R

    SPSS for Customer Satisfaction

    I have data collected with 5 Likert Scale Questionnaire to establish factors influencing customer satisfaction using online banking. The factors included Credibility, Efficiency, Ease of Use, Security, Problem Handling and Product/Service Portfolio. A total of 6 independent variables. In this...
  3. C

    General Mixed Effect Model Differences Between R and SPSS

    Hello! I have a rather simplistic model which I have been using in SPSS that entails a general mixed effect model explaining a binary outcome. The professor offhandedly mentioned that if I should get this research published, I would want to use R instead of SPSS but she does not know how to work...
  4. C

    Service robots: Master Thesis

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of analyzing my survey data for my thesis. But i'm kind of stuck regarding which test I should use in my analysis. The survey is comprised of three parts: questions about general attitude on robots (GEN); a scenario (randomized, each respondent gets one of 8)...
  5. B

    SPSS insufficient memory Fisher exact test

    Hi All, I have been conducted analyses on a study using the Fisher Exact test but have currently encountered an issue with my larger contingency tables (3x7 and 3x9) as SPSS has insufficient memory to conduct the analyses. In this scenario it is best to use a Monte Carlo simulation on these...
  6. T

    Three-Way (2x2x2) Between-Subjects ANOVA in SPSS

    I'm just wondering how I can decompose a significant 3-way interaction in SPSS (all three IVs are categorical) without splitting the file, so that my follow up degrees of freedoms in the follow up tests remain the same as the omnibus degrees of freedom?
  7. L

    two way ANOVA?

    Dear all, I'm new to statistical analyses and currently using SPSS, and my question is: is the two-way ANOVA the right approach for my case? Because while analysing the data it was noticed that will only have one position, meaning that group would be repeated many 3 times more than single...
  8. R

    Can this data be calculated by SPSS? and how?

    I want to get the value of x2 and p in every row, may I ask how I can calculate them by SPSS?
  9. E

    How can I create a table with 2 independent numeric variables in SPSS?

    I'm trying to tabulate some concentrations of compounds to eventually test if tide (or depth for other samples) and distance along a sampling transect affect these compounds (the 5 variables on the right). However, the only way I can think to do this is in the attached image, where I'm forced to...
  10. P

    Deriving a formula from an ARIMAX Model

    Hello all, I am finishing my master thesis and have included an ARIMAX model in the research. Now I would like to make some manual calculations based on the results from the ARIMAX Model in SPSS. I know that the results are not all significant but this is not a concern because a simulated...
  11. E

    SPSS Analysis for Pre-test & post-test, control group design

    Hi, I am running an analysis for a experimental study and would like to get some opinions about the most appropriate method. I have two groups: control (no treatment) and experimental groups (intervention) I test all individuals before the experiment and after (pretest-posttest) I collect 10...
  12. R

    Is the difference between two groups bigger, then x2 value bigger and p value smaller?

    For chi-square test or other tests involving x2 and p value, is it true that if the difference between two groups is bigger, then x2 value is bigger and p value is smaller?
  13. S

    How to test the variability of count data over time

    I'm wondering how I might best test for over-dispersion of raw count data over time. I have just started a project and am exploring my data, so I do not have a model to test on. I have 4000 independent customers and the frequency of their purchases per day for 44 days. I must determine whether...
  14. W

    Paired t test unequal sample sizes?

    I want to find if there's a significance between the two levels average mean values from my dependent variable "X," which are "High X" and "Low X." High X (85 items) + Low X (65 items) = X (150 items) Both have unequal sample size, but they're from the same group "X." I opted for paired sample...
  15. N

    How to set up the data for GEE analysis?

    Hello, I have 9 feelings and I want to measure if there is a correlation between these feelings across 4 devices. For example, device A had a more "happy" feeling than device C. Originally, they are four questions (each device has its own multiple-choice feelings), therefore, the number of...
  16. victorxstc

    SPSS - Using mixed univariate ANOVA (UNIANOVA) or mixed linear regression (MIXED) instead of repeated-measures ANOVA

    Which process is better for using instead of Repeated-Measures ANOVA (SPSS syntax: GLM -- GUI command: Analyze --> General Linear Model --> Repeated Measures)? and Why? (1) Mixed univariate ANOVA (SPSS syntax: "`UNIANOVA`" -- GUI command: Analyze --> General Linear Model --> Univariate) (2)...
  17. shannahw

    Mediation - Mediation and b path not significant, can I conclude that there is no relationship between the mediator and the dependent var?

    Hi all, I have conducted a mediation analysis with Hayes PROCESS model 4. The overall mediation was not significant. Now, I am wondering the following: If the mediation and the b path within the mediation are not significant, can I conclude that there is no relationship between the mediator...
  18. V

    Logistic Regression interpretation

  19. S

    Changing values from string to numeric - Affect on answers in survey

    Hello! I'm a total beginner in SPSS, first time user. I'm having an issue with a survey I'm conducting, I've changed string > numeric using recode. Answers were on the Likert scale and changed to 1-5. However, I've noticed that when I go into analyzing process, the answers for the each...
  20. U

    Which test to use? one predictor variable and 3 dependent variables

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me. I am conducting research for my thesis looking at relationship between social connectedness (IV), and diabetes distress, diabetes self-management and perceived competence (DVs). All are continuous variables measured on self-report likert scale...