stata 13

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    compare variables

    hello everyone, can anyone help me on how to do regression analysis using the equation below using stata. Thanks
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    Case match study

    I'm using Stata. I have 2 groups, one received new pain medication and the other didn't because they refused. I monitored their pain and other stuff. My hypothesis was that those who received medication felt less pain. Because there was no randomisation, to avoid bias I decided to do...
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    using wild card for matching string variables

    Hi, I have created a string (pattern) variable containing 0 and 1. For example, a string pattern 0000000011 means the person appears in 10 years of survey where she has 0 response in first eight years and 1 response in last two years. From this string pattern, now I want to detect who has at...
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    Problems Fitting Latent Growth Curve Model for BMI

    Hi all, I have a question regarding panel data--collected biennially--from the National Longitudinal Study of Youth. (I use STATA 13.0 for Mac.) I've been trying--and failing--to fit a latent growth curve model for respondent Body Mass Index (BMI). Respondents were empaneled as children...
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    Command for First Differences

    Hello, I have panel data corresponding to 8 years and a number of variables involving a model. What commands do I use to show that Fixed Effects gives the same results as First Differences, when this last estimation is done applying GLS? I obtained the fixed effects part by using the command...
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    ML est. with oprobit per Huasman et al in Stata 13?

    Hi. I am using Stata IC 10 and having difficulty implementing the ml estimation to determine sensitivity to misclassification in limited dependent variable put forth by Hausman, Abrevaya and Scott-Morton. I am using an ordered probit (three categories) but could use ologit. Will a newer...