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    Random effects model in stata - how sensitive to non parametric assumptions

    Hi, I am using a random effects model to analyse a 4 point time series longitudinal data to compare the effects of an intervention and control, some of my independent variables are non-parametrically distributed - how sensitive is random effects model to this? can i use it or should i perform a...
  2. C

    Combining rows (all vars are same except for one. want to combine & ignore that one)

    Hi Stata helpers, I have something that should be a super simple one line command. I have a bunch of rows that are disaggregated simply because one variable is different. That one variable isn't important, so I want to combine all of the rows into one and just have NA or whatever for...
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    Stata - selecting data to go into a panel

    I am fairly new to stata and I am trying to run a cross country panel data analysis. my data comes from a variety of sources e.g. World Bank, UN etc. I have imported the data for each variable seperately into Stata but I have noticed that for each variable I have data for different years and...
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    Binary outcome in instrumental variable analysis

    I'm looking to perform an instrumental variable analysis using the following variables: I. a continuous endogenous variable (exposure levels) II. a continuous instrument variable for (I.) III. two exogenous variables (one binary, one continuous) IV. a binary outcome (outcome y/n). However with...
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    Use of different outputs in a meta-analysis?

    I'm interested in performing a meta-analysis of instrumental variable analyses from a handful of different studies, asking for the same set of model results from all study investigators. As my access is limited to summarized data, i'd like the study investigators to send their ivregress output...
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    How to get field description from Access DB via ODBC

    We are using Stata to pull tables from our Access database using the handy command odbc describe ["TableName"] I would like to get the database "field descriptions" from Access via odbc. I am guessing I can use a SQL call from Stata to do this? Has anyone implemented this?
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    Graphing Logistic Regressions in Stata

    Hi all, I'm testing for slope/threshold (intercept bias). My Y variable is dichotomous (past suicide attempt, yes/no) and my predictor variable, X1, is dichotomous (gender) and the other, X2, is continuous (scores on a test). Intercept bias is occurring with my X1 predictor variable, and I...
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    rearranging content in variable

    hi, I'm new at working with STATA. Currently, I face the following problem: I have given data that are organized like that: var1 cat1 cat2 1.2 0 1 5 0 1 ... 7 1 0 2.3 1 0 ... ok so I think the logic behind is easy to grasp. Now I want to subtract...
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    [Stata] How to Get the Beta Coefficient as a Variable using Stata

    After regressing by gvkey: lag1 lag2 I get 815 tables with a beta coefficient included. But I am only interested in getting these betas in a list for further use. Thx for your reaction in advance!
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    Help validate/improve a Stata proficiency quiz...

    Hello, As "badges" become an increasingly popular way of signaling competencies, I've started a Stata quiz on the website, a site for crowd-sourced assessment tools. I'm looking for others to help validate the test (by answering questions) and adding more questions to the...
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    No Value for Wald chi2 or prob with random effect in negative binomial regression

    Hello all! So I'm doing a negative binomial regression, for my DV (timecz) and the interaction of two IVs (predation and age). I added in a random factor, spkr, and I get no values for the Wald chi2 or prob. 'spkr' has values 1, 2, 3, 4 so it is a categorical variable, and every one of my data...
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    bootstrapping and predictive logistic model

    Hello members. I don't have experience with programming in Stata, then, please, I need help with this: I am developing a predictive logistic model. The regression coefficients were selected using the stepwise method: . xi: sw, lr pe(.05 ) pr(.051) lockterm1: logistic depvar (var1...
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    Help... new database from a database multiplied for an expansion factor

    how can i creat a new database from a database multiplied for an expansion factor using Stata...?
  14. C

    SEM CFA results in error for longitudinal data

    I am trying to build a longitudinal measurement model of a "strategy construct" using SEM. As long as I am building the model for each year individually, I have no problem and Stata's SEM converges. I use the following code...
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    splitting rows in stata

    I am very new to stata and I am struggling how to split a row into multiple rows I have the following structure in my table: id v0pd20 v1pd20 v2pd20 v3pd20 v4pd20 v5pd20 v6pd20 v7pd20 How do I create a new table with the following structure based on the above id v0pd20 v1pd20...
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    how to get adjusted means in Stata complex survey (e.g. svy commands)

    Hi, I am running generalized linear models using the stata (version 13) complex survey commands and my analyses use survey weights and bootstrap weights. I would like to know how to get adjusted means values for the 3 levels of my independent variable (which is a categorical variable)...
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    multiple imputation and nested/hierarchical regression

    Can anyone enlighten me as to how I can conduct a nested/sequential/hierarchical regression using multiply imputed datasets in R or Stata? In Stata, I tried using nestreg but received an error message stating that was not possible. Many thanks for the help.
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    Multiple encode commands with foreach

    So I have a bunch of string variables that cannot be destringed and encode does the job. However, I have many and found this code especially compelling since it uses the names of the other variables so I don't have to do a lot of renaming. However I hit a snag; I get an error from this telling...
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    Multivariate Regression - comparing two models with different numbers of observations

    Hello, I am attempting to do a multiple regression analysis, but my dataset contains multiple missing values. The values were recoded as ".", but I still cannot get the number of observations to match between the two models and, therefore, cannot run a LRT test. Most of the variables are...
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    hierarchical regression with different DV for each block?

    Greetings. I'm trying to figure out how to do a hierarchical regression whereby the DV regressed on block 1 becomes the IV in block 2, which then has a different DV. That DV then becomes the IV in block 3, at which point the final DV is in place. It'd look something like this: Block 1...