1. J

    WTA with Stata

    Hi, Have someone estimated willingness to pay with Stata? Where can I get some information for the coding? Thanks! J
  2. S

    Graphical Interpretation of an Interaction Effect

    Hello, I have included an interaction term in my regression and was hoping to graphically interpret it as my variables are continuous. I found a helpful do file from Golder's paper 'Understanding Interaction Effects' but I tried to do the graph and Stata didn't accept the graphical commands...
  3. H

    [STATA] One-sided postestimation test;

    Hello, how can one run a one-sided postestimation test in Stata, since the command 'test' performs a two-sided Wald Test? This is to test an alternative hypothesis b1 > 0 and b1 > -b3. Thank you so much!
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    Help generating summary variable of medication data in Stata.

    Hi everyone, I'm new to stata, so any advice on how to code this would be greatly appreciated. I have medication data for 1500 patients. Each row represents a unique medication ID, so each patient may be represented in multiple rows if he/she has multiple meds (example below). I'd like to...
  5. Z

    hascons command and Fixed Effects in Stata

    Hello everybody, Firstly, thanks in advance for your help. I have a problem with the R-squared in my model. It increases (incredibly!) a lot when I do not include the intercept in the regression ("nocons" command in Stata). Looking in the Internet, I have seen that some people recommend...
  6. A

    STATA: How to compare different - xtnbreg , re - models

    Hi to all! I'm a Stata beginner and I'm using version 12. I performed some random effect - xtnbreg - regressions on panel data and I should choose the better one. For example if I have 3 models **********example begin********* xtnbreg depvar i.firm i.year x1 x2 x3, re xtnbreg...
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    Stata 11.0 - Type mismatch r(109) byte to strin variable

    Hello there, I just started working with Stata (Version 11.0). The search in the FAQ and on other pages showed no results so I am trying it here. I have a variable lit (float %21.0g) with the values "Yes, literate" and "No, illiterate". My aim is to create a literacy dummy to work with...
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    Newey and West in panel data

    Morning, I am working on a panel data and i am finding serial correlation and heteroscedasticity. To obtain right regression i would like to use the Newey and West method. So i use the command "newey2 ..., lag(#)". I though that the newey and west method just change the standard error...
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    ask: no aid dummy in panel data using stata

    Dear all, I would like to ask the utilization of dummy variable in stata. Well, here is my model y=beta1 lnx1(1,x1)+beta2 nox1+beta3 lnx2 (1,x2)+beta4 nox2 so basically x1 and x2 are type of aid which given to countries. it is panel data 6 years long with 20 countries. i use the model...
  10. J

    Latent Class Analysis with Stata

    Hi, Have anyone used Stata for Latent Class Analysis? I want to estimate willingness to pay with it, but I'm not sure it is possible with this software... Thanks x
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    Variable reduction- which method to use?

    I have a panel data set of 121 countries across 10 years and about 43 variables. In theory all the variables should be attempting to measure the same unobservable factor so certain groups of the variables are closely correlated. I am hoping to be able to drop some variables as they are...
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    STATA - Saving Problems - Missing Libraries

    Have a short assignment - 5 x 3 data set to carry out regression analysis. Unfortunately each time I try to save the data I input into the Stata excell sheet I receive a prompt 'libraries not supported'. Any one have any idea how to solve this? Thanks
  13. M

    Problems with graphing dinamic correlation after"mgarch dcc"

    Problems with graphing Hi everybody, I have some problems after having done the command "mgarch dcc.." and "predict H*, variance". I need to estimate and then graph the correlation so I generate a new variable with the one I have from the garch model. (Es. I want correlation between stocks...
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    Generating Dummy Variable from excel file into STATA

    Hi all :) I am currently doing a research thesis titled "The Effects of Free Trade Agreements (FTA) on Indonesia's Trade". I have a panel data that consist of indonesia and its partner trade data from 1980 to 2011. In short, I have to create dummy variables of FTA that signed by Indonesia...
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    Hey, I would like to do a bar graph with two variables. On the graph you should see people with and without children in relation to annuities. gen Child =0 if h6child & h6hhidlevel==1 & HQ184M1==2 ==0 // without child replace Child =1 if h6child & h6hhidlevel==1 & HQ184M1==2 >=1...
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    Help with dummy variable

    Hi, I have a set of OLS-fixed effects models comprising continuous and dummy variables, with the latter used as control parameters. My models aim to evaluate the effects of loan characteristics on the interest rate levied (dependent var), which has a range between 6 and 2000 basis points. I am...
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    Stata to R conversion mlogit

    I know R fairly well but have very little experience with STATA. I am trying to convert the below mlogit command in Stata so it is usable in R. Can anyone help me? mlogit conflict lc1 lc2 ltsc0 ltsc1 ltsc2 loi loic1 loic2 lois0 let letc1 letc2 lets0 lli limc1 limc2 lims0 lyo lyoc1 lyoc2 lyos0...
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    mlogit from STATA to R

    I know R fairly well but have very little experience with STATA. I am trying to convert the below mlogit command so it is usable in R. Can anyone help me? mlogit conflict lc1 lc2 ltsc0 ltsc1 ltsc2 loi loic1 loic2 lois0 let letc1 letc2 lets0 lli limc1 limc2 lims0 lyo lyoc1 lyoc2 lyos0 llpo lpoc1...
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    Optimal number of lags before applying the Augmented Dickey-Fuller in STATA

    As a part of my master thesis, which is a study of the relationship between oil prices and the performance of alternative energy shares, I have to perform an augmented Dickey-Fuller test to see whether my data set is stationary. For simplicity reasons I have only included two data series in...
  20. R

    Baseball Regression Issue (STATA)

    Hello!! I am glad a site exists like this where peole can compare information on this growing field. Baseball analytics is huge these days and I am doing some research on the field myself. Using STATA, I regressed my dependent variable (runs scored by Home team) on 10 independent offensive...