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    Normalizing traits/statistics based on trait count for each trait type

    My goal is to create an app that calculates rarity scores of traits. The rarity score is a formula like so: Rarity score = 1/(%Chance Of occurrence) Let's say I have a trait that has 10% chance of occurring. The rarity score for this trait will be: 10 = 1/(10%). This score will be without...
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    C.I. for Bin(n,p) using pivots.

    Problem: Let $X$ be $Bin(n,p)$ and $\hat p = X/n$, and $$Z=\frac{\hat p - p}{\sqrt{p(1-p)/n}}$$ We see that $Z$ is asymptotically $N(0,1)$. Find a $1-\alpha$ confidence interval for $p$. Note that this is very different from the regular $$\frac{\hat p - p}{\sqrt{\hat p(1-\hat p)/n}}$$...