statistical method

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    Fixing behavioural difference of demographics

    Currently collecting employment/working satisfaction data from survey at different countries. Same set of questions is used. I have come across that people from some countries tend to be more optimistic/pessimistic than others. How can I take their answering behaviour into consideration when...
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    Probability of overlapping criteria

    What is the best statistical method to measure the probability of people fitting a certain criteria in my data overlapping with another criteria? I am tasked to display this in a column/bar chart for a simple display of the consequence of its selection on other relevant pots of data.
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    Comparing pooled data

    I have started a meta analysis comparing the complication rates of different treatments of distal radius fractures. I have pooled the complication rates (n/N) for each treatment separately using the inverse variance method, the DerSimonian-Laird estimator for tau^2, logit transformation...
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    Research Question Statistical Method

    In a study by Lapidus et al., one of the research questions was whether the proportion of physicians who screened patients in the emergency department (ED) for domestic violence (DV) was the same, regardless of locations of practice (urban, suburban or rural). (a) To answer the research...
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    Help choosing a statistical method for data analysis

    Hi everyone! I am working on a hypothetical research proposal for a sensation and perception class and I need help with the data analysis section of the paper. My hypothesis it that people who have been blind for longer than five years have better tactile acuity than those who have been blind...
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    correlation or not?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to statistics and would really appreciate some help. My question is: should I use Correlation in order to see if one of the variable influences the other? Thanks in advance
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    Test if subsample from a large population is over-represented by extreme values

    hi everyone, I want to do a statistical test for significance, but I'm having difficulty deciding which test is most suitable. I was hoping to get some help. My data: I have changes in gene expression after a pertubation, to be precise, a log2-fold change i.e. log2((expression after...
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    Best statistical analysis to use for my research (ANOVA or other correlation test)

    Greetings! I am new in this forum and I have very little knowledge in statistics. I have a research about air pollution. I get samples of air pollutants and measure their mass concentration. Simultaneously, I get the mean temperature, mean precipitation, mean solar radiation, mean wind...