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    ANOVA on three columns?

    Hi all! I am new to this forum so hopefully this will be a success! I have some data in excel from 3 experiments that are run independent from each other (they do not influence one another). Each experiment has 10 runs each. All the data across the three sets of experiments (i.e. 30 runs) have...
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    Evaluation of a probability using Markov's inequality

    X,Y and Z are independent RVs with a MGF Mx(t)=1/(1−t). How can I evaluate in the most efficient manner P(X+Y+Z>6)? Thank you
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    Tutor needed for R programming help PAID tutor opportunity

    Hi my name is Sam. I am looking for a statistics tutor who is familiar with the R programming language. I have some questions that I need help with and they are in the R programming software. I can compensate you for your time. I can scan and email you the questions I need help with. I will...
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    Finding probability with given mean and standard deviation

    Hi, I have tried to do this using the z value method but I'm not even sure if I'm right. The question is: "The recommended total blood cholesterol for a lower risk of heart disease is less than 200mg/dL. The total blood cholesterol for males aged 20 -29 is normally distributed with a mean of...