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    Post-hoc test interpretation

    Hi all, I'm struggling to understand my post hoc test, following a significant ANCOVA analysis. for some quick background, my study is on chronotype (whether you're a morning, evening or neither person) and how this links to impulsivity. ANCOVA found a significant main effect of chronotype on...
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    Instability equation

    Hi all, I am currently doing a research about certain blood protein and am having problems with calculation of its stability. I know I should use instability equation but it seems I can't find the right formula. I had 20 blood samples that were measured in duplicates in three time points (t0...
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    R and Stats: Multiple t-testing

    So 60 labs decided to group up to test the null hypothesis (sample mean is equal to zero) against the alternative (sample mean is not). The 60 labs collect 10 samples each and all use an α = 0.05 level. Assuming the null hypothesis is true: a) Probability that no labs reject the null? b)...
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    25% of all students enrolled in high school XYZ are taking Algebra. 30 students are chosen at random. Find the probability that exactly 7 students out of the 30 chosen are taking Algebra? Use the Binomial Probability Distribution. a. ≈≈16.86% b. ≈≈15.58% c. ≈≈16.62% d. ≈≈15%
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    Research Presentation Help

    Hello, I am stressing for an introductory business statistics class for university. I currently have the top 200 point getters from the 2018-2019 NHL regular season data tabulated along with each players respective cap hit (or salary) for the season. I am extremely struggling to decide and...
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    A company makes parts for a machine. The lengths of the parts must be within certain limits or they will be rejected. A large number of parts were measured and the mean and standard deviation were calculated as 3.1 m and 0.005 m respectively. Assuming this data is normally distributed and 99.7%...
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    Does a reduced sample size after joining two datasets count as missing data?

    Hi there, I have two datasets both share names which is what I use to join them together to form my sample on which I am running a logistical regression. However, after performing a fuzzy join I only have about 55% of the data matching (5.5k out of 10k observations). Does this count as missing...
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    Statistical Tool for Agricultural Research (STAR) - An easy user-interface program

    Hi everyone! ‍‍:) I made stat vid tutorials. Visit my channel and kindly leave a SUBSCRIPTION. :D Installation is FREE AND EASY!!!! (included in my channel) Click the following link: Statistical Tool for Agricultural...
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    convergence in nMDS

    Hi, I am running and nMDS in R on abudance data and my nmds does not reach convergence I have tried to increase trymax to 1000, use k=3, use previous best and use noshare but none worked. Is there anything else I could or is there another analysis that I can use instead?
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    statistics for engineers question please help

    I need to write an original question. I will use your answer as a guide to write an original question by myself. I couldn't find a guide or some examples from books or videos. I would reallly appreciate if you know and let me know where I can also find some examples . I dont know where or how...
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    What kind of statistical test would I use for this experiment?

    Hi there, I'm sorry I'm still very new to this platform and am generally clueless about statistics. This may be a little long winded, but I'd really appreciate any help! I have two groups of organisms, all of the same species but from two different habitats, labelled "group 1" and "group 2" as...
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    Interpreting mulitiple regression coefficients

    I am quite new to statistics and trying to get a grasp of it with some coronavirus data. So, I have 16 countries and I want to find regression of coronavirus cases by population pyramid. I am using this equation. In my case it looks like this: (Obviously in calculations the first column is...
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    Choosing the right dataset

    Hi ! I need to choose a good dataset with at least two variables because I'll need to compare them by calculating measures of association, performing two-sample tests and maybe doing a nonparametric regression on R, ... Therefore, I was thinking about choosing a dataset about COVID 19 because...
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    How to split residuals into groups for the Brown-Forsythe test

    I have the following data id 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 num. responses 16 14 22 10 14 17 10 13 19 12 18 11 cost 77 70 85 50 62 70 55 63 88 57 81 51 I fitted the linear regression model and I got the following residuals: 5.22478992, 4.76260504, -6.38865546...
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    Which statistical tests should be performed?

    Hi, I did experiment to compare the effect
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    Homework Question

    Hi, I have a homework question that I don't fully understand. It reads like this: The mean weight of antarctic penguins found in a colony last year was 15.4 kg. In a sample of 35 penguins same time this year in the same colony the mean weight was 14.5kg. Assume the population standard deviation...
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    Stats analysis struggling

    Hi, I am conducting an experiment where I am assesing 4 groups undergoing 2 treatments. 3 groups have recieved same treatment and 1 group has recieved the other treatment. I have averaged values of the 3 groups. It is a pre and post experiment. I want to compare the data for both pre groups...
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    What test should i use? THESIS HELP!!

    Hi, I am currently studying Zoology at university. I am currently in my final year conducting my dissertation. I have completed my data collection and I am now on to my statistics. My dissertation looks at the relationship between light intensity and growth rate in marine sponges. I have 5...
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    Finding the trend whether the team is improving or not

    Suppose a basketball team scored 44,58,50,61,62 in the previous 5 games, and scored 50 in the next game. How to statistically determine if the team is improving or not, apart from comparing the immediately previous games (i.e 62 and 50).
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    What Statistical Treatment can I use in this type of data?

    We are currently conducting a small study and have very small background in Statistical Analysis. We conducted some experiments and have gathered some data. Can anyone help me in identifying what type of Statistical Treatment we can use for this? The second column pertains to the number of...