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    Combinations average

    I have 6 averages, 365, 406, 420, 416, 434, 435. How many ways can you split the group to have two groups of 3 with similar averages? The closer the average, the better. Each average can only be in one group.
  2. C

    Calculating the value of Adjusted R2 using SSR and Standard Error

    TABLE 12-9 You decide to predict gasoline prices in different cities and towns in the United States for your term project. Your dependent variable is price of gasoline per gallon and your explanatory variables are per capita income, the number of firms that manufacture automobile parts in...
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    Sample Data Provided! Ranking Content Performance in Email Sends

    Hello! I have searched the forum, but my question is so specific and I know so little I cannot identify threads that would answer my question. I'm attempting to create a weighted ranking of content served in emails. I have done some work already, but I'm not sure how to proceed. Thank you...
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    Where did I go wrong in these three questions?

    Hi everyone, I just finished taking an online test and found out that some of my answers were wrong. The questions and answers can be found in attached screenshots. Question 1 (Suppose T and Z are random variables) I got no credit looks like it is...
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    Help with homework

    On a homework assignment, I have a data set with the variables (in SPSS) 1) Age 2) Reactiontime (continuous) 3) drug (Placebo, or drug condition) 4) Amount of drug metabolites in their blood (continuous) 5) Subject number (1-20) 6) A median split dichotomous variable on drug levels (0...
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    (too) small sample size?

    Without going into too much detail: I have a number of people every year. At one point, something happens that makes the yearly number of people least, that's what it looks like without any statistical analysis. Which statistical analysis should I use to prove that there is a...
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    Falsify Normality results

    Is it possible to falsify normality results - in order to conduct parametric analysis of results? Or will someone be able to tell?
  8. L

    Combining measures into 1 variable

    I have 2 variables, one that measures (just for an examples) state aggression, and 1 that measures trait aggression. The state measure was responded to on a 6 point likert scale. The trait one was measured on a 5 point likert scale. Someone suggested that I combine these into one variable to use...
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    N particles in 2 boxes - distinguishable/indistinguishable - probability association

    Hi there I'm new here, I have this question on my homework that has been bugging me for a couple of days now and I was wondering if anybody could help me out. Let me set the scene. We have N particles in total in a box of volume V. We split the box into V1 and V2 with a probability of p...
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    Statistical Analysis of Student Test Scores before and after an Intervention

    Hello, Please help me ensure that I am conducting the proper statistical analysis. I am trying to determine if my student test score results are statistically significant after having applied a learning intervention. The data I am using are student test scores on TEST 1 from my 3 previous...
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    Good CFA indices but poor SEM indices

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me make sense of my results from Structural Equation Modelling for my Masters thesis. I've first conducted a CFA and obtained good fit indices, but SEM results have shown poor fit (χ2 (574) = 837.095, p <.001, GFI below .9 and RMSEA was .062...
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    R - bootstrap confidence intervals, Create a matrix, Perform stepwise regressions

    I'm brand to statistics and taking my 1st class in almost 40 years, so I'm quite a bit behind the times. On top of all of that, I am not very computer savvy, and have very little experience using any technical functions with computers, outside of checking email. I have no programming experience...
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    structured phd in statistics (europe!)

    hey guys, as the title suggests, Im looking for a structured phd program in europe. Except for the more well known / competitive programs (in which I don't stand a chance), I couldn't find much. Any advice or recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! greets, snoggla
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    Finding predicted values with logged (ln) dependent variable.

    Hello all, I'm currently working on my first quantitative project. I am doing an OLS regression in SPSS. I had to take the natural log of my DV in order for it to pass assumptions, and I want to do predicted values. I understand that merely exponentiating the sum of the regression...
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    Probability of more than 5 responses surveying two locations with different response

    You are looking for people between 16 to 23 years to answer a survey. Assume houses on First Street, based on copious amounts of empty beer bottles in front yards and your past experience, has a chance of yielding 16 to 23 year olds to answer your survey of 20% per house. Houses on Second...
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    Effect Sizes

    This may seem like a ridiculous question, but it's bugging me and no text book or paper I've read has answered it. I am looking into research on effect sizes and their use in research. I see a lot of mention of Cohen's D and F2 and the "small", "medium" and "large" effect sizes. Can someone...
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    How to prove two methods are “similar”?

    We are testing two imaging machines. One of the machines has been validated numerous times. However, we built the new machine and we need to prove that it is similar/comparable to the validated machine. So, the machines image a certain tube and determine a physical property. With several image...
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    Which test do I have to use?

    Hi! I hope someone can help me out with the following problem. I'm not the best at statistics... So I got 5 gorilla's which I observed. For each I got a set of behaviors which they performed during the observations. I got 3 differend periods where I sampled the behavior of those gorilla's...
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    Are the Observations in A Random Sample Independent?

    Hi, guys. I am learning the t-test on my own. The assumptions of t-test have been confusing to me. The assumptions included "A random sample is used" and "The random sample is made up of independent observations", so I wondered the observations in a random sample may not be...
  20. K

    Average delay

    Dear All, i have a problem with calculate a statistics value. So, consider we have two classes,: class A, class B. every classes have 10 values. However class A class B 1ms 1ms 2ms 2ms 2ms 2ms...