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    All this data and IDK what to do with it.

    I need assistance. I am an undergrad social work major in a stats class. I have access to excel and SPSS. My research question: Does the lack of diversity in X Unified school district teachers contribute to racial disparities in suspensions? I have collected the data for 2014-2015 for 9 high...
  2. M

    Data scattered around y=x

    Hello everyone, I am a researcher in engineering. I do have some background on statistics and mathematics in general, but I am not a professional like many of you here. I hope you can give me some insight regarding the problem I am facing. I have a set of data scattered more or less around the...
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    Sign differences in coefficients arising from using ordinal vs continuous data

    I run a simple OLS regression: y=a +bx+.....+e, I obtain an estimate of b<0. Prior researchers running the a similar regression obtain an estimate of b>0: I'm trying to reconcile this difference. The only methodological difference driving our results is the following: In my study...
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    Help with choosing the correct analysis method

    Hello, I have abit of a tricky question for you, but first some context. I carried out a study where students completed 2 sets of questions, and had a survey after each one. The first several questions of each survey are identical. What i wanted to measure is how well they did compared to how...
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    Finding an overall level of Motivation (from a motivational questionnaire)

    Hi, i was hoping i could get some help concerning the statistics of factors in a Motivational Questionnaire. Long story short, in the company i work for, we are about to test a bunch of people and pick some people over others. The test is based on motivation, and the end result is results in...
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    Regression Analysis

    I was working through the following set and needed some clarity on them. I attempted these questions (with my answers below) but need help to see which ones might be incorrect and if so, WHY Thanks (1) Linear regression assumes: a. The relationship between X and Y is a straight line...
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    Hypothesis testing and minitab

    Hi New to the site - I've managed 11 out of 13 questions for my final set of Master Black Belt homework but now stuck! Can anyone offer an explanation to this question and how it could be answered in minitab? I've had a very extensive look online and found multiple solutions but cannot work...
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    Probability of developing a lung cancer disease

    I need to solve this problem: A cohort study is done to assess the impact of smoking on lung cancer. In this study, a large representative sample of first year university students are followed for 40 years. For each student, the smoking status is recorded as well as the lung cancer status at...
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    Basic probability help

    Mechanical Engineering reported on the need for wireless networks to monitor the quality of industrial equipment. For example, consider Eaton Corp., a company that develops distribution products. Eaton estimates that 90% of the electrical switching devices it sells can monitor the quality of the...
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    Simulating a ranking/draft system in R

    Trying to simulate a draft/ranking system based on prior, already existing individual team rankings in R. Here is the full link to the question:
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    Stats Homework Help

    Hey Everyone! :) I am stuck on some stats homework questions! Hoping someone can help me out.. 1. A friend flips a coin 10 times and says that the probability of getting a head is 60% because he got six heads. Is the friend referring to an estimated probability or the​ probability's true​...
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    What statistical test to use for species abundance between wet and dry season?

    Sorry if this question is trivial, I have a collection of camera trap data of recorded species during the rainy season and the dry season. I am confused how to lay out a table to import to R, do I have species down the left (then counts of how many of that species) and columns of wet...
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    multivariate regression

    I would like to use a multivariate regressor of X to Y, while maintaining that the regression values are yet uncorrelated as possible to another variable Z? Y and Z maybe somewhat correlated. X is n by k, Y is n by 1 and Z is n by 1. So basically we would like to have a multivariate...
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    how to obtain p-value from test statistic

    I am familiar with how to obtain the p-value from the t-statistic - the t-statistic is calculated by looking at the difference in means in two samples. Then, one has to integrate over a t-distribution from -t-statistic to +t-statistic and if the area under the curve is >0.95, then one can...
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    Missing values syntax- skip pattern survey

    HI. I am trying to look at the relation between smartphone use and app use and mode choice for a class assignment. I have some data which I got from an online forum , but the questions were skipped pattern. So how do I write a syntax for skip pattern in spss to define the value as missing...
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    Combinations average

    I have 6 averages, 365, 406, 420, 416, 434, 435. How many ways can you split the group to have two groups of 3 with similar averages? The closer the average, the better. Each average can only be in one group.
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    Calculating the value of Adjusted R2 using SSR and Standard Error

    TABLE 12-9 You decide to predict gasoline prices in different cities and towns in the United States for your term project. Your dependent variable is price of gasoline per gallon and your explanatory variables are per capita income, the number of firms that manufacture automobile parts in...
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    Sample Data Provided! Ranking Content Performance in Email Sends

    Hello! I have searched the forum, but my question is so specific and I know so little I cannot identify threads that would answer my question. I'm attempting to create a weighted ranking of content served in emails. I have done some work already, but I'm not sure how to proceed. Thank you...
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    Where did I go wrong in these three questions?

    Hi everyone, I just finished taking an online test and found out that some of my answers were wrong. The questions and answers can be found in attached screenshots. Question 1 (Suppose T and Z are random variables) I got no credit looks like it is...
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    Help with homework

    On a homework assignment, I have a data set with the variables (in SPSS) 1) Age 2) Reactiontime (continuous) 3) drug (Placebo, or drug condition) 4) Amount of drug metabolites in their blood (continuous) 5) Subject number (1-20) 6) A median split dichotomous variable on drug levels (0...