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    Linear Regression Multiple Choice Questions: Please Help!!

    I have attached my practice sample final for my college statistics course on linear regression. All of the answers are multiple choice, and I need help finding the right answers for questions 5-39 as soon as possible. Please, please, help me if you can, as soon as you can! I need the right...
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    Statistics Assignment

    Hello fellow forumers, Could you please help me solve these problems? This will be submitted on Saturday. Please show the formulas on how did you arrive with the answer. Thank you Sirs/Madam in advance. 1. The following are the scores made on an intelligence test by a group of...
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    Reverse Scoring in SPSS

    Hi! I'm currently doing data analysis on a study I've had to conduct for my degree coursework. We've used 2 questionnaires and I will be doing a multiple regression analysis for them. I'm trying to reverse the scores for certain questions, however my questionnaires are on different scales (a 0-4...
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    Statistics without calculus?

    I have been battling this question for quite some time now, and it seems this question has been debated countless times. I am drawn to many subjects in statistics, mostly applied in nature. I especially enjoy statistical computing, graphing, machine learning, and exploratory analysis. I have...
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    Reporting results of nonparametric regression

    Hi! I am wondering how you present the results of non parametric regression test. I run the nonparametric regression using R, and the package np I get p- values but no df or t statistic. For example For the normal regression tests I did with other data, I presented the sample size, degrees...
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    Help Building Useful Normal Distribution Calculator

    I want to develop my own Normal Distribution calculator, to provide to a developer to perform a task within an app. I want a user with little knowledge of statistics to be able to perform, and understand Normal Distribution calculations. Here is what I want it to accomplish . . . Given the...
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    Conditional probability

    Hello, I'm having an issue with a problem. I just have no clue how to solve it. A machine part may be selected from any of three manufacturers with probabilities p1 = 0.25, p2 = 0.50, and p3 = 0.25. The probabilities that it will function properly during a specified period of time are 0.2...
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    General linear mixed model - 5 years

    Dear all, every help is highly appreciated! I have a data set that looks like the one I attached to this post. I have five independent variables for each company (for each time period one). Now I need to know, if the values significantly increase over the time of five year. In other words I...
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    Conceptual queries in modeling

    Hi all, I am from engineering background. I would require your help in certain conceptual questions in modeling. Your help would be greatly appreciated! Following are my few questions... (Pointers on these questions would help me , else you may direct me to any useful resources.) 1)If a...
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    Calculating the amount of underestimation

    Coverage rate for a parameter is 91.2%, and the nominal coverage rate is 95%. If the confidence interval is based on asymptotic standard normal, then the amount of coverage 91.2% implies that the standard errors for the parameter is estimated about 15% too small. Because z* value used to make a...
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    SPSS Data Analysis

    Hello everyone! I created a survey about social media addiction. I'm going to gather data from 20 people or more the questionnaire is shown below this message. I do have a few concerns my variables are comparing males and females self-esteem boost, Narcisstic tendencies, The amount of...
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    Standard Deviation

    You select a random sample of n = 14 families in your neighborhood and find the following family sizes (number of people in the family). 15, 16, 16, 15, 19, 16, 18, 15, 17,16, 15,17,16, 18 I found the mean family size which is 16.4. To find the mean family size, I added up all of the...
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    An MP3 player is loaded with 50 musical selections: 20 rock selections, 13 jazz selections, and 17 blues selections.? Edit The player is set on random play, so selections are played randomly and can be repeated . Determine the probability of each of the following outcomes. (a) The first...
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    HELP me in choosing wich statistical analysis should I use?

    Hi all! I am trying to publish a scientific paper about a posibble correlation and link between varoius blood disorders and a specific laboratory parametar. There are 7 health disorders wich I tought should be grouped in 7 groups of 30 patients (beacuse of the statistical significance). The...
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    Powerball Jackpot

    Hello, I need help with my homework! I'm not really good at probability but I really want to learn, if its possible to help me with the answer and how to get to the answer will be great! 2. Assume that each week, on average, 50 million lottery tickets are sold. What are the chances in any...
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    Normal distribution populations with a subset of the population that is not norm. Dis

    Identify an example of a population that you would expect to be normally distributed. Explain why, according to you, it would be normally distributed. Then, describe a subset of the population you identified and explain why it would not be normally distributed and what the distribution would...
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    C.I. for Bin(n,p) using pivots.

    Problem: Let $X$ be $Bin(n,p)$ and $\hat p = X/n$, and $$Z=\frac{\hat p - p}{\sqrt{p(1-p)/n}}$$ We see that $Z$ is asymptotically $N(0,1)$. Find a $1-\alpha$ confidence interval for $p$. Note that this is very different from the regular $$\frac{\hat p - p}{\sqrt{\hat p(1-\hat p)/n}}$$...
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    Normality test

    I will use Normal probability plot or Shapiro-Wilk test for normality check. But is it that straightforward or there is some subtlety in this? Many Thanks
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    Statistical/ML models when observations have different amounts of input

    Let's say we're predicting an employee's performance review score for the following year based on that emplyee's metrics from each previous year of his/her employment. We might have these training observations below. Note that "2014i" means "that employee's set of input values from 2014", which...
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    Can I draw an interaction plot using Generalised Estimating Equations (GEE)?

    Hello, Can I draw an interaction plot using Generalised Estimating Equations (GEE)? If yes, how? Thanks.