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    Convergence in LLN and CLT help!

    Hi there, I am trying to figure out how convergence in law of large number and central limit theorem is affected by correlation in the random variables. I am trying to simulate and prove if either both of the above mentioned hold in large samples. So far Ive been trying to simulate...
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    Time Series Analysis Threshold Value

    I have time-series data for 0 min, 5 min, 10 min, etc. for 5000 genes. (Gene expression). I want to set a threshold value to eliminate reads that are just "noise," so that they do not contribute too much to the fold-increases/decreases that I am trying to analyze. What is a good way to...
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    Poisson Distribution with two different expected value

    Question: Suppose there are number of accidents at location A and location B each day with Poisson Distribution with rate 0.001 and the number of patients during each accident is Poisson distributed with rate 0.1. Find the probability that the number of patients less than 3 in one day...
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    Mixed Poisson Distribution Help

    Question: The number of accidents follows a Poisson distribution with mean 12. Each accident generates 1, 2 or 3 claimants with probabilities 1/6,1/3,1/2, respectively. Calculate the probability that there are at most 3 claimants. Attempt: E(N) = 12[\frac{1}{6}+2*\frac{1}{3}+3*\frac{1}{2}]...
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    Britain (UK) Billionaires List by Net Worth

    List of britain billionaires by net worth?
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    ANOVA exercise

    Hello, My question is: in which way this exercise should be solved? It can't be solved with F test, because there were no given F-test value table on the exam, so it has to be another way to solve it. The only thing I can formulate are hypotheis: H0: μ1 = μ2 = μ3 H1: at least one mean is...
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    Most Viewed YouTube Videos in the World

    where can i get the complete statistics of most viewed you tube videos in the world ?
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    ASAP-Help :(

    Help me please, how will I stand on the results of my quantitative research? I have a sample size of N=46, and the results shows that there is no significant relationship between variable A and variable B? what are the possible problems why I got this? where in fact i included the whole...
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    Scoring model/formula to rank based on accuracy of data sources

    Let us say i have 5 different data sources. My aim is arrive a score to arrive the accuracy of this data sources. It is like below 1. Refer the section Data confidence calculation in 2...
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    Principal Component Analysis in R- Data rotation

    I ran prcomp on my data (7000 observations, 48 variables), and I biplot I got seems to have thousands of points. My guess is that R is treating each of the 7000 observations as variables. Is there a way to "rotate" my data so that I get 48 points on my PCA graph instead of 7000? Each column...
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    Principal Component Analysis in R Help

    I am a beginner to R. I have read several guides, but still am stuck on this: I have data in an excel csv file, on which I want to run PCA. I'm not sure how the prcomp formula works. The help page states: prcomp(x, retx = TRUE, center = TRUE, scale. = FALSE, tol = NULL, ...)...
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    Okay to Sum Numerical Values of Categorical Variables?

    Hi. I have questions regarding categorical variables. Can you create a scaled variable out of several dichotomous variables? For example if I had 4 dichotomous variables, can I sum the numerical values of those variables so that the sum becomes the value of new scaled variable? If...
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    not sure how to interpret variance question

    This is a question I have to do through R - Consider two of the indicators for neurological functioning - the finger wrist tapping (FWT_r, FWT_l) and the plate tapping (X2Plat_r, X2Plat_l), by both left and right hands. For which of these sets of variables would you be inclined to use...
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    Comparing a sub-population to its overall population?

    Hi there, I am collecting data from a population of about 150 or so, and also from a subpopulation within that of 10-15 which are receiving a specific treatment. I am aiming to compare their scores on the same measure, to see if this population receiving treatment is truly 'special' in some...
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    Need help starting this question; unable to identify what type of question it is

    I can't tell if its asking for a binomial distribution or a normal probability distribution.. or maybe an approximation of a binomial distribution using a normal distribution..but then where does a random variable come in? here is the question: A company that manufactures mufflers for cars...
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    How do you calculate the p-value by hand? Only learned how to do it electronically

    Hello, I am making a Java program that can run a full 1-sample z-test for sample mean and I would like to know how to calculate the p-value by hand once you have the z-statistic. I have learned how to calculate it by looking at the z-table and with a calculator, but for the sake of my program I...
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    Hello, I had to miss my last class in stats and I don't know how to solve this question. 1. For each of the following combinations of values, decide whether the combination is possible or impossible, and if it's impossible, explain why. a. b = .80, sy.x = 0, r = 1.00 b. b = .80, sy.x =...
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    covariance between two observations belonging to the same block

    Hi, does anyone know how to find the expression for the covariance between two observations belonging to the same block for a balanced complete block planning? (block has random effect and treatment has fixed effect).
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    2X2X2 design.. what statistics should I use?

    Hi, I am doing a research with a 2X2X2 design: Between subjects (Positive Mood VS Negative Mood) Within subjects (Positive Stimuli 1 VS Negative Stimuli 2) Within subjects (Positive Stimuli 2 VS Negative Stimuli 2) I have a range of dependent variables including response time/ decision...
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    How do you define a statistical way to ensure that the worst case are captured??

    I need a recommendation which addresses the variability of results. There is variability associated with these results. What I specifically need is help to define a statistical way to ensure that the worst case is captured, which can then be used in future testing and we can be sure that we...