survey analysis

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    How to concluded surveyed data to result

    I am working on a survey where I have to prove/diprove my hypothesis. I am seeking this help/guidance since I am getting hard time to related my "multiple-choice" answers in the survey to conclude/related to my hypothesis I have 20 questions and each question have 3-4 answers (5 sometime)...
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    Can I use relative/normalized sampling weights in SPSS?

    Dear all, Can I use relative/normalized sampling weights in SPSS to get the correct standard errors? I have seen that it uses Taylor's linearization method for variance approximation. But I am not sure if the internal formula changes when I want to use relative weights instead of the raw...
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    Excel and StatPlus to do Multiple Regression

    Hi all--I would be grateful for any help with this! I am doing my statistics research project on whether or not there is a correlation b/w where consumers do their grocery shopping and how sustainable they are. I did a quick, 6 question survey to 10 shoppers at 3 grocery stores (for a total...
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    What method to determine correlation between Project input and output characteristics

    I have designed a survey which had project managers answer a series of questions that had them rate how prevelent specific project inputs were in their projects. For example "Was a project plan used?". The prevelence of each input was indicated on a scale from 1(input was not used) to 7 (input...
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    Survey Analysis

    Hey Guy's I really need your help. I am not a statistician. I have to analyze surveys that have 6 observations (people) and 20 factors (food preference with answers; like, dislike, neither or no) What method should i use to analyses this on SAS or Excel