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    PLEASE HELP! Should be simple for those familiar with SPSS/statisitcs

    Just 2 quick questions that I really hope someone can help with. I’m using SPSS to analyze data collected from a survey that was distributed to 110 participants. I don’t need help setting up the data; I just need help knowing which tests are appropriate. One things I am looking at is...
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    Visualising survey responses

    Hi there, We have got back the results of a survey and I was hoping someone could help with R code to visualise the results. There were about 20 questions in total with likert scales. We'd like to view the responses by age groups and gender. I think a mosaic plot might be the best but I can't...
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    Complex Survey Design - Analysis Conundrum <- Not homework

    Hi Stats forum, So, I am the analyst for a stratified cluster sample survey. We surveyed facilities to evaluate a safety program. The survey had 5 parts. Interviewers went to the facility and staff were randomly chosen to be interviewed. Different staff were interviewed for different parts...
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    Post Tests on a one-group pre-test/post-test research design

    I have conducted a survey as a pre-test. Is it okay for the post-test to be a semi-opened questionnaire regarding the same content. Will validity be an issue?
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    Comparing mean averages from survey

    Okay, I am fairly new to SPSS but am pressed for time in seeing if any statistically significant differences (.05) are evident. I have two groups (1) (n=30 and (2) n=40). I asked 28 survey questions and have the mean average for each question from each of the two groups. When I try to...
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    Ranking question analysis

    I want to understand what is the best to analyze ranking data. We just completed a survey with 132 respondents. They were shown a list of 11 attributes and asked to pick the top 5. What method should be used to identify the top 3 attributes? Is it okay to do a straight mean if the N is...
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    chi-square assumptions with survey data

    Hi guys, I've been asked to run some analyses on some survey data and since it's been a long time since i ran one, I just wanted to check I'm not overlooking some assumptions assoicated with the chi-square test of independence as the text books I've been referring to are quite basic. The...
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    How to measure coherence of responses on surveys

    Sorry all, I've tried Google, wikipedia, searching here. I suspect I don't have the right buzzword. Here's the study: I am implementing an educational methodology in how to evaluate journal articles in Journal Club. There will be a 6 month pre-intervention survey period, followed by a 6...