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    Need help with my thesis

    Hi all! I am new to statistics (self-taught since I need it for my thesis) and I have a question that I haven't been able to find an answer to yet. For my thesis I want to find out whether there is any relationship between how students and their teachers answer a likert scale questionnaire...
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    Confidence level and Margin of Error applied to Satisfaction surveys

    Hello, New to the forum, relatively new to stats as well! So I think I've managed to confuse myself and am going around in circles with this, so help would be appreciated. I'll outline what i'm trying to achieve and what data I have available below: So, i'm sending out satisfaction surveys...
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    Methodology for Sample sizes for surveys to multiple branches of a credit union

    Hi, I am reviewing the methodology for sample sizes for surveys that are mailed out to credit union members on a monthly basis. Please forgive me for not using proper formulas. Any advice is appreciated. Total population is 57,200 members, but not all members perform transactions each...
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    behavioral intent

    Dear Forum, I'm looking for advice on how to validate a measure of behavioral intent. here's a simplified example: let's say that I did a study on 5 products - I sampled 100 people and asked them to state how likely they were to purchase each product. Then, each of the products...
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    Margin of error for stratified survey sample

    Hi all, first-time poster here. I have a stratified sample of respondents to a survey with the following make-up: So the total population is 7468 (and the total sample size is 1,008). I have also applied a set of weights to the data, which yields the following effective sample...
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    Combining samples for EFA

    Hello, I have conducted an experiment in two different countries. The experiment included a survey. The same survey was used. Is it valid to combine the two sets to perform exploratory factor analysis, or there will be a scale effect (e.g. as in the case of logit choice models). Thank you
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    Mix of surveys

    Hello everyone, I have a very limited experience in online research and if you have 1 minute to help me, I will be grateful. Every day I build a probabilistic sample using a list-based sampling frame from a large website accounts list. All these samples have the same volume, 95% confidence...
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    How do I calculate the Sample Size for this type of Survey?

    Hi all, I need to calculate the sample size for a survey I will be undertaking soon. The target population will be the clients of 8 hotels, forming part of the same company. The objective of the survey is to get the profile of the clients and their level of satisfaction. I've read that if the...
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    Partitioning Longer Survey

    I have to field a necessarily long marketing survey. I think that there are techniques for partitioning the questions so that all are covered in the aggregate, but no one respondent sees or answers them all. 1. Is there a term of art for doing this? I've fumbled around in search engines to...
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    Reverse Scoring

    Hi, I am a research student. I have a quesrion about reverse scoring. I would like to know if it is a requirement to reverse score an items in the measurement. My measurement consists of those items but when I tested out the reverse scoring, the scores were higher as a result of the reverse...