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    really complicated: how to cumulate one variable in function of the CHANGE in another

    Hello everybody! I got a SPSS file with the variables "user-id" "date" and than certain information about his consumer behaviour and payments for this particular month. I now want to calculate -for example- the overall amount spent by every customer. The user-ids are not consecutive...
  2. D

    coding mixed contrasts

    hello, i have problems coding the syntax for an anova with two factors, one between- and one within-subjects-factor (see syntax below). accordingly, there are 4 combinations of levels: wth_level1-btw_level1, wth_level2-btw_level1, wth_level1-btw_level2 and wth_level2-btw_level2. i am...
  3. K

    Overlapping days spss

    I need help calculating the number of days between startdate and enddate without accounting for the overlapping days. My data is as followed: ID STARTDATE ENDATE N_DAYS OVERLAP 1 01-Jul-2000 07-Jul-2000 6.00 .00 1 01-Jul-2000 01-Dec-2000 153.00 1.00 1...
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    Hi, I have a large SAS code which I need to translate to MATLAB code. So I have two questions. Is there any easy way of porting SAS code to MATLAB? As the chances of the prior question is slim; What is the easiest way of getting an overview of the syntax and commands of SAS. Is there...
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    How to perform simple main effects analysis in SPSS?

    How can I perform a simple main effect analysis on SPSS? I shall use it as post-hoc test but am not really sure. I know I can somehow work in the Syntax with it. Could you help me to find out about the next steps? Thank you very much :)
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    Difficulty interpreting spss code which converts data from text.

    Hi all, I'm currently having some difficulties interpreting how a script I was given works. The code can be found at: and the user is supposed to specify which sleep stages they wish to...
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    HELP! Syntax problem for composites

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if anyone can help me without seeing the data - but here goes. So I am a psych student doing an honors thesis at UVM. My adviser has charged me with figuring part of the SPSS syntax problems but there is one bit that is still getting me hung up. I'm trying to...
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    syntax help with complex variable "recoding"?

    I am new to using syntax in spss, and am having difficulty with the following: -I have a variable ("SES") that I would like to define by multiplying 2 other variables (out of 4 possible), but I would like to "choose" which 2 to use based on which is a larger number. I tried the following...