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    the t-values for regression coefficients

    How can I calculate the t-values of the regression coeffs if I have the sample size and the correlation matrix only? Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
  2. M

    Paired t-test. H-E-L-P.

    Hi! I'm really, really hoping someone can help me with this, because I've been trying to figure it out on my own, and I'm getting NOWHERE. Here goes: I'm a student working on a paper regarding the use of cholesterol- lowering meds and cholesterol-leves in blood. My paper is basically...
  3. C

    using a co-factor when comparing two groups?

    Hi, I would like to compare two groups, one treated, one control. Usually, I would simply use a t-test, assuming normal distribution and equal variance. However, I would now like to use another parameter as a co-factor: I am comparing two groups of animals and the effect I observe...
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    t-tests after three-way ANOVA?

    Hi all, I've just run a three-way ANOVA on my data (3 IVs, 1 DV). I've got some main effects, as well as a three-way interaction effect. Am I supposed to run t-tests after the ANOVA in order to work out where the significant interaction effect is stemming from? Thanks