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    What is the best statistical test/approach for pre- and post-intervention analysis?

    Dear colleagues, We assessed several psychological measures (e.g. self-compassion scale, five-facets mindfulness questionnaire, satisfaction with life scale) before and after a Mindfulness-Based Psychoeducational Program for groups of people with acquired brain injuries. We would like to...
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    Paired test?

    Hi, I have the following problem. In my experimental setup I have four tissue samples from the same animal in each experiment, two from one side and two from the other. The original plan is to apply a substance alone on a sample from one side and the substance mixed with the inhibitor on...
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    Choosing the proper statistical test for a lottery recommendation system

    Dear friends, I'm now working on the recommendation system to recommend football match lottery to the users. The users may choose a match to bet arbitrary amount of money, e.g. $2, $4, or even $20,000. I want to compare if two recommendation algorithms are different (or if one outperforms...
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    Test wanted for comparing algorithms

    Study design Suppose I want to compare algorithm runtime performance (measured in seconds) of different algorithms for the same problem type. There are several problem instances for this problem type on which the algorithms are tested and performance is measured. Possible tests As far as I...
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    What kind of t-test would I use for this?

    One variable is injuries yes/no, the other variable is rating how much in control they felt (0=none,100=total). Basically if injuries causes low levels of perceived control. I have to use a t-test, but there are so many and I really don't know which one.
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    Matt Whiteny U test Vs T test

    Hello fellow statisticians, Problem definition: I need to test whether the difference between the "mean" utilization metrics of two machines is statistically significant. Given Data: Utilisation data is available for two machines for more than 100 days. Therefore, the mean, standard...
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    T Test

    Hi T-Test is used instead of Z-Test when we don't know the standard deviation, or when the sample size is too small (less than 31) When we know the standard deviation but the sample size is small, do we use T-Test with sample standard deviation (S)? or T-Test with the known standard deviation...
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    How would you enter this data?

    I have to do a t-test (it doesn't say which type of t-test) in SPSS about the olfactory scores of smokers and non-smokers. For smokers, we are given the scores so I know how to enter that in SPSS. For non-smokers, we are not given the scores, it simply says “On a test of olfactory sensitivity...
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    Which test should I use?

    Hey everyone, I would like to determine if there is a difference between two sets of data. The data is from two separate treatment groups on yeast, and we have ran each experiment lots of times and have created a normal distribution for each set of data. If I want to test for a statistical...
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    Dependent Samples T-test - different formulas?

    I have a question regarding hypothesis testing when the samples are not independent. The formula I know for the test statistic for a paired samples t test is where you divide the mean difference by the standard error. I've come across another formula that instead subtracts the mean 'after'...
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    Can someone please confirm if I have selected the right tests for hypothesis testing?

    Hi, this is my first post here, hope that I'm doing this correctly! I'm taking a statistics course for my master's where we need to do some hypothesis testing with a pre-defined data set using R. I am unsure about what the most appropriate statistical test to use is, so I was wondering if...
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    One or two tailed test?

    Hi, I am currently struggling to decide whether the following problem requires a one or two tailed t test for a hypothesis test. I have uploaded a photo of the data used if needed. 'Test the individual significance of the explanatory variable. You should decide on an appropriate t-test (one...
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    Help please - what tests do I need to do?

    Hi, I'm struggling to figure out which tests I need to do for my project. I have two things I need to do. 1) I need to know whether males and females varied on a continuous outcome (how strongly the believed a witness was credible in a trial). How would I do that? 2) what analysis...
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    Chi Square or T Tests for Likert Scale Type Survey

    So I have a 4 point likert-type scale with approximately 20 questions. I have categorized each item to be either agree or disagree. I mainly did this because the previous person who used this scale did this. However, that person only displayed frequency data for it and did not run any tests for...
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    Question about degrees of freedom in an independent sample t-test

    I've been asked the following question by a scientist who is not a statistician: Suppose we take a sample $x_1,…,x_n$ from a population that we can assume is normal (I don't think this assumption is critical). We then calculate the sample mean $\bar x¯$ and variance $s^2$. We then take a...
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    comparing test results obtained on the basis of different sample sizes

    I have variables a1 and a2 with 57 observations each, and variables b1 and b2 with 29 observations each. I compare a1 with a2 by means of a paired-samples t-test, this gives p<0.001. Next, I compare b1 with b2 by means of a paired-samples t-test, this gives p>0.05 (actually p>0.10). I compared...
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    I need some help for my thesis about t-testing different data sets

    Hello everybody, I'm conducting research on price dispersion to show that offline price dispersion is significantly smaller than online price disperison. I have up until today, monitored and collected over 1500 prices in excel on several homogeneous products in...
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    Assumptions for comparing means and which test to use

    I am attempting to compare the means of soil moisture measured from two adjacent soil profiles at both 10cm and 30cm. Soil measurements were measured discretely six times over the course of two months at the same date and time for each profile. However, when looking to perform tests to compare...
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    What test do I use?

    I have done a study comparing double leg and single leg landing techniques, I want to look at the differences between knee flexion, angular vel, and GRF between the two conditions, what test should I use? I would appreciate any help at all!
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    Can I use an independent t-test to test for significant differences over time?

    I have a 50 year time series (2012-2062), and I would like to test to see whether sig. differences exist between two groups of data subjected to different conditions. I understand that a t-test tests for sample means, however does this test still apply if I am looking at differences over time...