testing of hypothesis

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    Comparing frequency distribution between the subsets of the datasets

    Hello, I have met some problem with testifying differences between frequencies. Let's me present it with concrete example. 1. I have 100 sample plots in three habitat types: deciduous (DW), coniferous (CW) and mixed (MW) wood. 2. Each of the plots (DW1,..., DW35, CW1,...,CW35, and...
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    Randomness testing using frequency within a block method, chi-square statistic doubt.

    The chi-squared statistic under the frequency within a block method is defined as 4M summation of (proportion of 1s in block - 0.5 ) ^2 where M is the length Of each block I understand that this follows a chi-square goodness of fit test observed-expected frequency square. But where does this 4M...
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    Two sample test from same table

    I have a table with 3 columns - the respondent serial number, the gender (male / female) and the height. I want to test if the males are taller than the females. How can I do this in R?