1. S

    Regression with Time Series data

    I have count data, some of which forms an exponential decay type distribution and other data sets which are log normal. They are time series and I’m looking to create autoregressive models using first or second order lags. I have a couple of questions which are follows Is normalising the...
  2. A

    Analysing proportional data?

    Hi! I'm a masters psychology student needing a little help with a dataset I'm analysing :shakehead Dataset: My data has a within-subjects factor of time (i.e. first session vs last session) and a between-subjects factor of group (training vs control). One of my repeated measures DVs looks...
  3. K

    Robust Regression v. Transformation of Variable (or both?)

    Hello everyone, I have a question about a regression I am running. I believe it's a pretty basic question, although after a couple hours searching I couldn't find the answer. I ran a regression in my software program (STATA) and saw that there are some concerns about heteroskedasticity...
  4. V

    Event probabilities from the regression analysis

    Hi, I am looking for all possible sources (literature, articles, books) with descriptions how to transform different kinds of regression analysis outputs in event probabilities (if feasible). Any help is wellcome. Thanks!
  5. N

    Please help! Running ANOVA with skewed data in some conditions

    Hi there, I really hope you can help. I've been looking on a number of forums and have had no luck. Also have been looking through some of the threads here and am feeling more optimistic that someone can help me! I'm a PhD student, in my final 8 weeks so am desperate for some help! I'm...
  6. J

    Linear Mixed Effects and interpreting transformations

    Hi, I'm running a hierarchical linear mixed effects model in R (subject is nested in dyad). My dependent variable is a continuous variable. When I run the model I do not meet the assumption of homogeneity. A log transformation on the dependent variable does not work. However, when I use a box...
  7. C

    Mixed Anova (SPSS) data transformation irregularities - inaccurate results

    Hi! :) I am evaluating an intervention program aiming to increase the Stress Management skills of learners. To evaluate the program's impact I am doing a quasi-experimental study with a treatment group and a control group. Both groups were assessed at baseline and again after the program ended...
  8. Amanda_UK

    Data standardization, moving the mean

    Hi, hope you're all well! :) I'd be really thankful if someone could help me with a standardisation-code: I have psychometric test data and had to standardise the values. It worked really well with the R-code "scale". Unfortunately, I can't log the variables any more (in order to improve...
  9. L

    Data will not normalize & need to run ANOVA

    Hello, I have a set of data that I need to run a 2-way ANOVA on. My data is very highly skewed to the right, so it does not follow a normal distribution. I have tried just about every transformation I can find, and cannot get my data to pass the K-S normality test. I wish I could just run a...
  10. L

    Regression Analysis - Transformations and Non-Normality

    Hello, I am fairly new to regression analysis and have a few questions.. I have a fairly large dataset containing information about 144 municipalities in a country. I am trying to create a model that uses a number of independent variables (urban ratio, literacy rate etc.) to model the...
  11. T

    Testing affects of non-normal explanatory variables on response variable

    Hi all, I'm having real problems with analysing some data (I am using R), and wondered if anyone would please be able to offer me any advice. I have 1 continuous response variable (normally distributed), and I would like to look at the individual affect of each of my explanatory variables...
  12. D

    Transforming Truncated Data - Possible? Suggested?

    I have now spent countless hours/days looking in statistics texts and performing online searches to determine the appropriate way to treat my current data scenario. And, I have found no answers.:confused: I am using "high school GPA" data as collected by a university as an independent variable...