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    Graph trend line from meta-analysis (multiple pooled studies)

    Hi! I have searched the web and have found no convincing answer, although this should be pretty easy. My question separates into 2: 1- Is it reasonable to trace a trend line of the evolution of a parameter over time from the pooling of different studies, each of which do not contain all time...
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    Principal component and clustering

    Hi! I have a question concerning principal component analysis and how to pursue. First of all, this is my case: I have a lot of data points containing a calculated Q and a measured T. Q is calculated by the sum of different q's. I would like to make the following diagonal clusters...
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    Adding a trend line to a series of box plots

    If this is so obvious everyone should know I apologize for the inconvenience. I would like to add a color coded trend line to a series of box plots (graph attached).. Any help is much appreciated.. The code I have used for the graph is as follows: boxplot(total1$y~total1$x) The data...