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    Appropriate use of z-scores

    I was thinking about z-scores and I'm curious about their usage when data are skewed/non-normal. I often see zscores being used to identify outliers, e.g. with z>1.96, 2.58, etc. HOWEVER: the z-score calculation of z = (x - mean(x)) / stdev(x) is dependent on the mean, and the mean is not an...
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    Contingency Table Analysis by chi square problem

    I am trying to figure out a chi square problem, and I keep getting stuck. The problem reads: A researcher tested single mosquitoes from five different locations for the presence of a particular virus and obtained the following data: Location A B C D E w/ virus 3 7...
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    ANOVA Homogeneous Subsets

    Hi There, Sorry if this is a really silly question... I've run a 1-way ANOVA on some of my data, with a TUKEY HSD and S-N-K Post-Hoc test (as told to by my lecturer...) I was wondering if someone could help me with the interpretation of the homogeneous subset tables that I have...
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    Using a repeated measures, two-way ANOVA.

    I want to compare the outcome of two different algorithms applied to one set of MRI images. Each MRI image will be manipulated twice. Once using the first algorithm and once using the second algorithm. The data will consists of two groups of values. I want to see if the averages of the two...
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    Critical value for lare number of treatments

    I am trying to perform a Post-ANOVA Tukey test to determine the differences between treatments. I have over 50 treatments (k>50) for some of my tests. I have calculated my Q value, however when coming to determine the critical value and therefore whether to accept or reject my null...
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    [Post Hoc Tukey Repeated-Measures T-Test] Interpreting results & Confidence intervals

    This has been solved using SPSS