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    Stats help - please!

    Hi all, I am writing a project proposal: randomized, placebo-controlled crossover trial, I will be investigating treatment vs air. Participants will be asked to inhale the treatment or high-flow air (placebo). In this case, would a one-tailed test or a two-tailed test be more appropriate...
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    One or two tailed test?

    Hi, I am currently struggling to decide whether the following problem requires a one or two tailed t test for a hypothesis test. I have uploaded a photo of the data used if needed. 'Test the individual significance of the explanatory variable. You should decide on an appropriate t-test (one...
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    What SPSS action to take?

    Hi, I have a set of data that I need to use SPSS for. I am not sure what tests I need to use to prove their is a significant difference between the two sets of data. The data I am looking at is Group 1 and Group 2 and the frequency to which they ran within a 6 week period. Group 1...