type 2 errors

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    Calculate type 2 error using one data file

    I am a bit confused on how to calculate type 2 error to check whether the sample data I am using is sufficient. I have a data file that I have used to build a machine learning model. This data file consists of 500 entries describing information about entities and the funding these entities have...
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    Type II Error in Likelihood Ratio Tests

    Good afternoon, I'm currently working on my master thesis. I'm trying to recommend some improvements to the likelihood ratio tests that already exist to assess the quality of Value at Risk (VaR) Models, so I'd like to calculate the Type II error of a likelihood ratio test. I know that...
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    Futility analysis sample size

    Hello, I have been asked to determine the sample size needed to demonstrate futility in a small study. I suggested going the "traditional route" and conducting an interim analysis at a pre-specified timepoint or sample size to determine whether or not to continue (likely via conditional power)...
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    Type I and type II errors in multiple factor ANOVA

    Hello, I wonder if someone can explain to me what happens with type I and type II errors as you add more factors to ANOVA design, specifically to the repeated measures. Thank you.
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    Sampling distribution, Type II errors, and one-tailed tests

    For the past year, I have spent about 4.00$ a day for lunch, give or take a quarter or so. (a) draw a rough sketch of this distribution of daily expenditures (b) if, without looking at the bill, I paid for my lunch with a 5$ bill and recieved 0.75$ in change, should I worry that i was...