1. W

    Clustering univariate measures

    Hello, I'd like some guidance, since I don't know exactly what statistic would be more adequate in my case. I have a dataset that includes several categories and only one relevant numerical variable, and each category is repeated and has several measurements. I have around 1500 data points...
  2. U

    Help! What analysis should be performed on a dataset like this?

    I'm sorry but I really need help on how to perform an analysis on these data. This dataset, in which is studied the number of calories emitted during exercise on 24 observations (subjects), consists of three variables, all quantitative: ho (heat output) is the dependent variable and is the...
  3. B

    T2 hotteling for univariate time series

    Hello, I have to do a comparison between multiple subjects for a drug response variable over time. The variable to analyze is movement and is highly autocorrelated. Movement is measured one time per second. Each subject should be compared to a control. I read in some paper T2 hotteling could...
  4. T

    Can a mixed-effects regression model be used for univariate analysis or just multivariate?

    I'm using a mixed-effects regression model to account for intragroup correlation. Can this be used in both univariate and multivariate analyses?
  5. M

    Univariate x multivariate model

    Hello everyone! I just started modelling and I have a question about how to interpret my results. I built 3 models, two univatiates (Z ~ bX + e; Y ~ bX + e) and one multivariate model ( Z, Y ~ bX + e). In both univariate models 'X' was not relates with 'Z' or 'Y', but it was in the...
  6. F

    Cannot find univariate in SPSS 23

    I am trying to do an univariate analysis in SPSS. SO I click Analyze—General Linear Model--, However, I can only find the multivariate , and cannot find the univariate. Can anyone give me some tips ?
  7. R

    Data analysis

    I have been asked to analyse the following data using linear analysis, mean standard deviation and ANOVA. However the data presented is supposed to be continuous but for small values they have grouped them as less then 5 almost like discrete. They represent the ages of children using...
  8. T

    Selection of forecasting method - Winter/ARIMA/TBATS in R

    Please find my dataset and forecast outputs attached. A) First sheet contains March-2011 to February 2014 data and forecast for March-2014 to February 2015 using ARIMA,Winter's,TBATS and BATS method.It also has forecast errors obtained by comparing with actual output. B) Second sheet has...
  9. A

    Univariate vs Multivariate results

    Hi, Am I correct in assuming that if a variable was found to be good predictor in univariate analysis, it should also be found to be a good predictor in multivariate analysis as multivariate takes into account multiple variables including interaction terms. I am going through a research...
  10. S

    Conditional expectation of values higher than a threshold

    Hi there! I'm having some hard time dealing with a question that hopefully will look trivial to someone here: Considering a gaussian distributed random variable: x~N(m,v) and a arbitrarily selected threshold t; what is the expected value for this variable if only x>t are considered...
  11. victorxstc

    Univariate, Bivariate, Multivariate: Myths and facts

    This is not a question but a summarization of my recent learnings regarding the common mistakes in calling different types of analyses, and to address the proper names for them. I now know that a multiple regression is not a multivariate analysis, although I have seen millions of incorrect...
  12. A

    can not figure out simple question, please help

    hi everyone! I have the following question: while running univariate GLM, I have encountered the situation when mean differences between groups are the same, but in one test they reach statistical significance, whereas in other not. Probably the reason is that in one case std. deviations are...
  13. A

    Univariate or Multivariate?

    Hi My data is on two equal groups of patients. The two groups have roughly equal proportions of males/females. A blood sample was obtained form each patient, and 10 of the blood components were measured either as a count, % of volume or a concentration. The objective is to see whether the...
  14. S

    Warning in Univariate test when asking for EMMeans

    I am trying to pull up the estimated marginal means when doing a simple 2 x 2 ANOVA. When I ask, I get the following Warning message: "The symbol * was found in the EMMEANS subcommand where a right parenthesis was expected. Execution of this command stops." This is the syntax: DATASET...
  15. S

    univariate test for comparison

    Hi, currently i'm testing a tree-based algorithm based on permutation tests (doesn't really matter for the question) for a paper. For every variable (100 in my simulation) I get a p-value based on the null hypothesis of independence between the variable and the response Y. Now I should...
  16. C

    Univariate GLM Model - asking for ETASQ PARAMETERS change effects?

    Hi there, I have a question regarding univariate GLM models. I have entered in three factors and as a covariates and asked for estimated means comparisons. I wasn't interested in interactions at first, I just wanted to see (a) one of my factors predicted the DV and (b) if my estimated means...
  17. M

    General Applications of Various Statistical Techniques for Continuous Processes

    My hope is that people can chip away at the questions raised in the article. All responses are welcome! I have been spending a bit of time trying to teach myself various univariate and multivariate statistical techniques. I would really appreciate a "one stop shop" with a general overview of...