wald chi2

  1. R

    SAS Logistic Regression - High Wald Chi square for a binary variable

    I am working on an analytical task where I need to identify why a particular binary independent variable is having high Wald chi-square (approx. 10k) when compared to the other variables (approx in 100's) in the logistic regression model. Can I simply conclude by saying that the response...
  2. A

    No Value for Wald chi2 or prob with random effect in negative binomial regression

    Hello all! So I'm doing a negative binomial regression, for my DV (timecz) and the interaction of two IVs (predation and age). I added in a random factor, spkr, and I get no values for the Wald chi2 or prob. 'spkr' has values 1, 2, 3, 4 so it is a categorical variable, and every one of my data...