weighted means

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    How to show covariates are balanced after IPTW

    I am attempting to perform an inverse probability of treatement weighting on observational data. I can perform the IPTW, however the problem I have is after obtaining the weights/balancing groups, how would i go about showing a baseline table of the new "pseudo population" to show covariates are...
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    How to test dependent means with unequal sample size? Weighted Paired T-test?

    Does a Weighted Paired T-test exist? I am comparing the percent of a population that are juvenile between 'Autumn' and 'Spring' at many sites. The Sample size (n) is variable among the sites and between the seasons. Sample data: Site___Fall %__n_____Spring %__n...
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    Best way to analyse my data: 2-way repeated measures anova?

    :wave::wave: Hi TalkStats :wave::wave: I have a data set which is outlined in the table below: \begin{tabular}{|l|cr|} \hline ID & baseline & response \\ \hline 1 & $x_1$ & $y_1$ \\ 1 & $x_2$ & $y_2$ \\ 1 & $x_3$ & $y_3$ \\ 1 & $x_4$ & $y_4$ \\ 2 & $x_5$ & $y_5$ \\ 2 & $x_6$ &...