1. S

    Entropy Balancing in Panel Data Setting

    Hi everyone, I want to examine the effect of a treatment on an observation group with a Diff-in-Diff approach in a panel data setting in Stata. To avoid differences across subsamples I additionally using entropy balancing. Now, I have a methodical question. I have already read some papers on...
  2. P

    error variance estimation with sample-weights

    Hello, I am using data which include a (sample-)weight for each observation, i.e. the data is from a survey that has weights to make the sample representative for the US-population. I perform OLS to get some coefficients and I am trying to estimate the error variance...
  3. N

    Wls regression

    How do we compute the weights in WLS regression? Step by step explanation would be really helpful. After, we compute the weight then how to do we use it to run the regression?
  4. M

    Regression with stratified data: What to do?

    Hi, I want to model a bird population in a country via regression analysis (Poisson regression due to count data). In order to optimize the sampling effort versus precision, I use a stratified random design: The country is splitted into 10 different habitats, and from each habitat I draw...
  5. Lazar

    weighted correlation

    Hi Folks, So I have data that looks like: myData <- structure(list(total = c(0.154, 0.223, 0.252, 0.157, 0.196, 0.252, 0.198, 0.162, 0.222, 0.135, 0.196, 0.193, 0.192, 0.274, 0.177, 0.17, 0.214, 0.214, 0.107, 0.22, 0.177, 0.177, 0.165, 0.226, 0.196, 0.267, 0.174, 0.12, 0.159), totalse...
  6. J

    Weights in Inferential Tests?

    Hello, I've conducted a survey and noticed that males were under-represented. To "fix" this, I weighted sex to reflect the true proportions in the population. Can I run inferential tests such as regressions or chi-square, with weighted sex? Or is it better to remove the weights when...
  7. R

    How to generate optimal values of the weights

    How do I generate optimal values of weights for index in Excel?
  8. H

    weight construction in DEA analysis

    Hi, I hava a problem with weight construction in Data envelopment analysis. My goal is to construct weights that reflects the reality of my data. In un-weighted DEA, the results could be that one or more variables (either input- or output) are neglected for any DMU which is not realistic in...
  9. S

    WANTED: statistical basis for subtest weighting

    Hello everyone, I am planning my Master thesis project in Neuropsychology and I am currently facing a statistical/mathematical challenge. Here is what it is about: Three patient groups will be administered a cognitive screenind instrument with seven subtests. Originally, the scores...
  10. N

    Error with multinomial regression when using weight

    Hi, I'm conducting a multinomial logistic regression on some British Crime Survey data. For this analysis I need to weight the dataset in order to account for sampling biases. The problem I'm having is when I apply the correct weight and run the multinomial regression, my model fitting...
  11. 7

    Linear R^2 Values as Percent Weights for Multiple Variable Formula?

    Hey guys, Statistics is not my strong suit.. The closest I've been to statistics is a college level Biology II class I took three years ago.. But I'm trying to learn. I have a website and two mobile apps where I've been collecting data from people for the past 5-6 months and would like to...
  12. K

    merging datasets with population weights in STATA

    I would like to compare means and percentages from a small sample dataset to a large population national dataset. The population dataset has population weights. I have stset the population dataset but I need to merge the two datasets in order to run analyses. I am wondering how I can...
  13. H

    obtaining β(hat)s from weighted least square regression

    I'm doing Regression analysis under stratified random sampling for my research since it's usually assumed in many textbooks that the data is simple random sampling.. so in my case it would be stratified sampling.. How do you get the β(hat) ̂from a WLS Regression under a stratified random...