wilcoxon rank sum test

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    Wilcox test with median 0

    Hello, I am trying to run an analysis on differences in female and male aggressive behaviours in an animal species. My data is non-normally distributed and it's both numeric and categorical, so I assumed the Wilcox test will be sufficient. However, all medians come back as 0 and my box and...
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    Please help me choose the appropriate test for a directional hypothesis

    Hi everyone, I've been asked to take a new direction with one of the research questions in my dissertation fairly last minute so I'd be really grateful of your help. I'm looking at the pH values from two treatment groups and my hypothesis is: H1: The heat samples have a significantly more...
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    Wilcoxon rank-sum test report results when Mdns are the same

    I understand that Medians should be reported when writing results of Wilcoxon rank-sum test. For example: "For alcohol users depression levels were significantly lower on Wednesday (Mdn = 7.50) than on Sunday (Mdn = 16.0), p = .012, r = −.45." But suppose that p=.012 but Mdn=7.50 on Wednesday...
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    Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test Question

    2. Intermittent fasting (IF) consists of repetitive bouts of short-term fasting. It is of potential interest because it may provide a simple tool to improve insulin sensitivity in individuals with insulin resistance. (the latter increases the likelihood of type diabetes and heart disease). An...
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    Trying to find MS Excel Wilcoxon Rank Sum test example

    I am a pharmacy student doing a 4th year (final year) Capstone Research Project. I am attempting to run my data utilizing a Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test on MS Excel. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of a good tutorial on how to do that? I've searched YouTube but it was not helpful in...
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    3 values ordinal variable: Mann-Whitney or Chi-squared?

    Hello, I have an ordinal variable which assumes only 3 values. I need to do a comparison between 2 treatments. I used Mann-Whitney test, since is an ordinal. My "p-value" is quite high (0.9388) which is strange because the values distribution is quite different for each group. Then I...
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    Test to compare difference between median value in two discrete samples

    Hi, I have two collection of ordinal samples for a discrete variable related to two administration of an experiment. Using Kolmogorov-Smirnov, I checked that I can't reject the Ho Hypothesis that the two distribution are the same. Now I would like to check if the median of these two collection...
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    R Test for Significance - ANOVA?

    The Data set; 3 sample types (this includes the control) with 2 treatment types, treatment applied every 2 days for 30 days. I know the 2 treatments will produce different results are am not testing for difference between them, interest is in the three sample types and how they handle a...
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    [PQRS] Wilcoxon rank sum test - what distribution to fill in

    See attached picture - I know one of the values is 4 because there are 4 observations in each group, but is that m or n in PQRS, and why is the other a 4 as well? What does it represent? Thanks in advance, Joli
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    Min sample size for Wilcoxon Rank Sum test

    Hi, I have data measurements (eg, running cost) that keep coming in to the system continuously. There are two groups (say X and Y) that I want to compare. I want to see which one is systematically larger (H1: X > Y?). However, I have a couple of issue with my data: i) I can't assume normality...
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    Question about Rank Sum Test

    The file CO2.csv contains information about the CO2 uptake of trees in two locations. The first few lines of the file are > co2[1:5,] Type uptake 1 Quebec 16.0 2 Quebec 30.4 3 Quebec 34.8 4 Quebec 37.2 5 Quebec 35.3 > Perform a nonparametric test to determine if the uptake is the...
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    Wilcoxon rank sum test on Cross Validation Results

    Hi Guys, I would like to compare the recognition times of two different object detectors. I have let's say 1000 labeled data. Then I do a 10x cross validation (900-training 100-testing). At each cross validation I get 100 detection times (samples) from each method. Therefore, at the end of...