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    t-test vs. Wilcoxon-test

    Hi there, I am new in this community. I hope you can help me out. For my master thesis, I have a dataset of 6043 observations. This observations contain the spread differential (delta) of matched securities (I compare one corporate bond with a Green corporate bond of the same issuer) What I...
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    Which non-parametric test to choose?

    Hello everyone, I have trouble figuring out which statistical test for differences between two groups to choose from: I have two groups, A and B. For each group member I measured a value X and shortly after a value Y. These values depend on each other. I calculated the difference between value...
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    error bars on R

    hi eveyone, i'm trying to make some errors bars on my barplots. So I use a way that I know but it is not working for a wilcoxon test, only for a t.test and I don't understand why? here is my script: > df1 <- data.frame(KO, WT) > df1 duree5N duree5N.1 6 0.041198999 0.005963933...
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    Nonparametric statistical significance test for largely skewed count data

    My research design looks as follows: an experimental game with 4 participants (human subjects), repeated for 20 rounds. During each round, participants are allowed to form bilateral coalitions which cannot be dissolved until the end of a round. Hence, six different possible coalitions exist, but...
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    Repeated measures help! (Friedmans Test)

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    Wilcoxon test

    I encountered the following stats in a results section: Wilcoxon test: z = 2.48, tied p < .007. What does "tied" mean?
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    Non-parametric test

    Hello everyone, Context: I'm am working on a tool that validates predicted genes. At the moment I want to validate the length of the predicted genes with the following approach: for a certain predicted gene I search for similar genes (similar above a certain threshold) in public databases (I...