z scores

  1. Mathvader

    Z score problem stat 101

    Trying to solve a problem for z score distribution using these z score tables: http://z-scoretable.com/. Can you please also include a how you get to the solution. Thanks! The standard normal distribution is a probability distribution with a mean of 0...
  2. P

    Z scores

    Scores on a statistics final were normally distributed with a mean of 75 and a standard deviation of 8? -What proportion of the scores were above 90? -What proportion were below 65? -What is the 22nd percentile of the score?
  3. B

    Normal Curve & Standard deviation HELP!

    This is my homework question and in my right brained mind can not or the life of me think any further. My only hope is that someone out there in the universe can help my melted brain: Pick a continuous variable (that is, interval or ratio in scale of measurement) that is normally distributed...
  4. E

    Z Scores - Can I calculate an average on 2 Z-scores or should it be on raw data?

    Hi there, I have a series of Z-scores that are calculated twice for a single subject (they are similar but taken at 2 different times). But because the parameters are from the same subject we need to do an average. Therefore my question is, should I calculate average on a Z-Score or on the...
  5. V

    Hypothesis Testing

    You arrive late at a race track; the cars are already hurtling past you. You know from past experience that the cars are numbered (and labeled) 1, 2, 3, …, up to STAT 2003 Computer-Aided Statistical Reasoning 1-20 N, the total number of cars in the race. Unfortunately, N is unknown to you...
  6. D

    Question about working with longitudinal data and z scores

    I was hoping someone could help me or point me in the right direction. The outcome variable for my study will be change in math scores over 3 years. I standardized the math score for each year by creating z scores. What I don't understand and can't seem to find in the literature is how to...
  7. S

    normalising data for a mixed anova

    Hi, I am running a 3x5 mixed factorial anova. I am testing the effects of 3 training groups over 5 time periods on the same questionnire. The groups means at test 1 vary a lot and I have been advised to normalise the data by using z scores. My question is do I then run the same mixed anova...