zero inflated

  1. J

    Bias in Zero-One Inflated Beta Regression?

    We have recently been trying to use the zero-one inflated beta regression macros that were published as part of SAS Global Forum 2012 (see... they have been very helpful in more accurately modelling the Loss Given Default (LGD)...
  2. R

    Zero inflated negative binomial regression interpreting main and interaction effects

    I am running a zero inflated negative binomial model (zinb) and want to interpret the main and interaction effects. I have the following: People decide whether to purchase a good during a given week and I have their final purchase quantity (Min qty = 0 units and Max qty = 10 units observed...
  3. C

    Zero Inflated Model(s)

    Hello all, I'm working on a paper on the spatiotemporal distributions and abundances of rock pool fish. Over a couple of years, every month, the same pools were checked for fish presence. The pools were fairly small in size so it was quite easy to identify whether fish were present or not...
  4. M

    [R]: Mixed model for non-normal y with many 0s and some high values in nested design

    Dear all, I am currently writing my master thesis on the effect of a certain insecticide on bumble bee colonies. In particular I am testing whether the insecticide affects virus or bacterium concentrations. In many colonies I haven’t found any viruses, but if they are present they can be in...
  5. R

    Comparing means with zero-inflated data in SPSS

    Hi everybody, I whish to know how to compare means with zero-inflated data. I tried to perform an ANOVA test but obviosuly it's impossible since some treatments are very rich in zeros. How can I accomplish this task using SPSS? Thanks a lot!
  6. consuli

    Transformation of a Uniform Distribution needed

    Hello, I have got a crazy distributed p4. (See file attachment). How can I transform a uniform distribution into the one of p4? Probit Transformation?