1-Tailed Levene Test

I am interested in testing if the variance of one data set is bigger than another set. I thought about using a simple F-test, but I am not sure the populations are normal. Is there a 1-tailed variant of the Levene Test for Equality of Variances?

I understand that the Levene Test performs a 1-way ANOVA on the calculated dispersion data. Could I just perform a 1-tailed t-test instead of the ANOVA? Alternatively, can I just cut the calculated probability in half?

Please forgive my limited statistical background and thank you for your help!
If no one knows about that modification to the Levene test, can anyone tell me if there any 1-tailed test for comparing variance other than the F-test? Or is the F-test a reasonable choice even of that data may not by normal?
Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, you can have a [tex] k= 2[/tex] groups in the Levene test. However, it is only setup to regect the hypotheses [tex]\sigma_1 = \sigma_2[/tex]. I would like a 1-sided test for [tex]\sigma_1 \le \sigma_2[/tex].