(2) x 3 x 3 x 2 design experiment with a categorical DV

which statistical test to use when more than 1 IV and a categorical DV.

  • factorial logit in Stata

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  • any other tests?

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Hi all - I've recently conduct a behavioral experiment with a (2) x 3 x 3 x 2
design. There are 4 categorical independent variable (one being a within
factor - the other three between), and 1 categorical/binary dependent
variable. I'm interested in 1) finding out the main effects of each
independent variable and 2) the interaction, but having a difficulty to
decide on which statistical test would be the most appropriate one to run in
SPSS or in STATA. I thought logit would be suitable but not sure, Thanks in advance for any help.


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As far as I know, for analysing designs with repeated
measures and a binary outocome, generalized estimating
equations (GEE) are proposed.

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