3x2 design - data analysis ANOVA/MANOVA? How to add interaction in the model?


Discription of experiment

I am researching "The effect of review valence and brand commitment on consumer's purchase intention" for my university thesis. I conducted a 3x2(no review/positive review/negative review x brand/no brand) between subjects design experiment.There were total 6 scenarios for the experiment in which the respondents read the product specs and review for a smartphone (positive/negative) or just product specs (in the no review case). In 3 of the scenarios there was a brand for the smartphone, in the other 3 there was no brand mentioned.

Hypotheses and data

I want to test my hypotheses for the no brand case - if the positive/negative review increases/decreases the purchase intention; and which has a bigger influence on purchase intension. For the brand case - if positive/negative review increases/decreases purchase intension when brand commitment is high/low.

For the purpose I collected data for the purchase probability (respondents had to choose a number from 0-100% after reading the scenarios) and I had questions measuring brand commitment on a scale 1-9 (upper/lower third are considered high/low committed - based on previous paper). Also had questions about reviews effect in general and demographics.

Method for analysis - ANOVA/MANOVA???

I have to run Analysis of variance to see the difference in means between groups. However, I am not sure what to put as factors (independent variables). My thesis supervisor have suggested to use MANOVA - but I have one DV - purchase intention (even though I have it with brand/no brand - or does that make any difference?).

Also is it possible to analyse the first 3 groups (no brand cases) separately from the other 3 (brand cases) since I don't have to compare them based on my hypotheses. Could I run one ANOVA for the brand groups and other for the no brand groups?

My first question is what method will fit better?

My second question is how to see what is the effect of brand commitment on purchase intension (for the brand cases). How to add it in the model so I can see the interaction between review and brand.

Excuse me for the lengthy post but I wanted do describe everything (hope it is understandable), I've put headings so it could be easier to navigate.

Your help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.