A little help with notations please


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Ok, i'll try to make this quick, long story short, it has been 10 years since i graduated from college and this year i had the bright idea of getting a masters degree. Little did i know i would have to use many statistics concepts that i have little recollection of.

Anyway, my question is, after reviewing all the basics, i'm still unsure on how to properly read the following equation:

Sem título.png

what i'm guessing is "the probability of x given all those other variables equals to x having a Gaussian distribution with mean GW... and variange G"?

i think the meaning of each variable is not very relevant to my question, but if necessary i can try to explain, or if anyone feel the need to dive into what's driving me insane for the last couple of weeks, that equation comes from this paper https://doi.org/10.1016/j.solener.2014.09.009.