So I'm doing this stats project. My project was to test how far(inches) a toy car can go off a ramp of five different heights (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 degrees) and I did this test six times for each height to get 30 data points. (These were my distances 72.25, 73.5, 79.25, 79, 76.25, 81.625, 94, 95.375, 93.5, 96.5, 91.5, 92.25, 116, 111.25, 120, 113.375, 120, 112, 125.125, 118.5,126.625,127.75,124.5,118.75,129.625,127,133.625,130.125,130.25,136.125)

My problem is... I'm not sure how to set up my spreadsheet so that I can calculate a correlation coefficient, coefficient of determination, and least-squares regression as one set of data points instead of six sets. Please help because it's stressing me out more than it should because of Thanksgiving and such... If you could give me a small table to show me how to set it up to be all one table that will calculate all my problems correctly, that would be great! I'm a visual learner.
Thanks in advance!
Btw, I'm new here and just chose the Stats thread instead of something specific. My apologies if this is the wrong one.


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You need 8 colums (and 5 rows) in total.

First column for the heights.

Then 6 columns for the associated distances.

Then, 1 column for the means of the 6 distances
for each height (you can use the Excel function
for calculation of these means).

You can then correlate column 1 with column 8.