Advice on an assignment using G*Power

Advice on an assignment using G*Power

A student I am tutoring in precalc asked me to help him on the following assignment from his Intro to Prob & Stat class. I am suppose to "explain" the assignment to him tomorrow, but I do not understand it myself.

Here's the kicker... I read the email from the instructor and what I have typed below is the instructor's project/assignment description.

Could someone shed some light on what the instructor might be looking for my student to submit?


Mike Bayville

(1) Select an individual population such as an organization of your choice.
(2) Determine the appropriate sample size.
(3) Use the G*Power statistical software to determine the power analysis.


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There's not actually enough information in what you posted. We would at a minimum need to know a test of interest.
Your message is reassuring since that was my reaction when I first read the project description.
If I had not read the instructor's email with this very assignment word for word, I would never had believed it was correct and/or complete.
Since this is the class' first use of G*Power, could the purpose of the assignment be to simply become familiar with G*Power using some arbitrary input and non-specific output?
I feel like I am grasping at straws while looking for a needle in a haystack! (Like the mix of metaphors?)